Benefits of Shiso (Perilla frutescens)

I love to use medicinal herbs as food in the most delicious recipes. This one is definitely a keeper!

Make Your Own Coconut Milk

Make your own coconut milk to drink and create coconut milk shampoo!

Recipe for Green Tea Sunflower Scrub

Do you use sugar scrubs? Have you ever read the label ingredients for those scrubs? Can you EAT your scrub? This Green Tea Sunflower Scrub  is wonderful for your skin and YES, you can take a taste too! 😉 I love sunflower oil and seem to use it in so many herbal skin care recipes! … Continue Reading

Stress Buster Smoothie For Your Adrenal System

Have you noticed yourself lately in the mode of going, going, doing, doing doing and then crash because you are OVERDOING? Most women take on more than they possibly can, or at least we THINK we can do it all, and sometimes we can, but realistically we are not superwomen! When we try to do … Continue Reading

Beeswax – the block or the pastilles?

One day I will have my own bees – so I can have honey and BEESWAX! Until then I have to buy beeswax in either a giant block or in a more processed pastilles(fancy word for pellets). Dealing with the pastilles is easy, peasy – you just open the bag and scoop em out. Yeah … Continue Reading

Marvelous Morel Hunt

This week was my first real morel hunt. A couple days ago I found one morel, just one but yesterday we found about 50! My friend Stephanie, fellow plant and wild foods geek like me, and I went on an afternoon hunt for morels. She had been looking before so she knew where to look … Continue Reading

Farm Chores and Loving What I do!

What do you think of farm chores? Sometimes I wonder about those that live in a subdivision with a tiny yard, never wanting to step foot in a farm, what do they do all day? Most probably have the cleanest house – worth of being in the pages of Southern Living magazine with everything orderly, … Continue Reading

What's Your Favorite Seeds?

Today is cold and windy and just blah! Or it could be blah because I have company in my house that has been here for over two weeks now!!! 😀 Only about 60 days til Spring – yippee! I am digging out my seed catalogs to narrow down my selections of what to order. What’s your … Continue Reading

Herbal Recipe For Vitamin C Pills

Do you take a vitamin C supplement each day? Do you REALLY know what is in that vitamin C or how much real fruit is in there? Hmmm… if you are like most of us, the answer is probably a big fat no. While I do know medicinal plants, I do not really know the … Continue Reading

Gobo Burdock Roots and Tincture

Finally, I dug up the Gobo Burdock roots!!! This year was the first that I tried to grow burdock so I planted 6 seedlings. Four of them took and three took over most of the raised bed. After I harvested the plants, I noticed Motherwort was hiding under all the foliage of the Burdock. Guess … Continue Reading