Eating Local Takes On New Meaning

January, the time for reeling in the spending, figuring new ways to save money and cleaning out the house AND freezer! When you hear “Eat Local”, what do you think? Local beef, local produce from farms near you or the farmer’s market? This month eating local to me means eating out of the freezer and foraging … Continue Reading

How To Dehydrate Kale

Kale is a nutritious and delicious veggie! Well according to SOME of us it is, to OTHERS we must hide said veggie in meals so they do not know it is there. 😀 If the name “sneaky chef” wasn’t already taken, I would probably be inclined to use it. Hiding the kale is not as … Continue Reading

Herbal Chocolate Fun!

Do you love chocolate?Let’s have some herbal chocolate fun here. I think chocolate should be added to the food pyramid as its own food catagory, not just linked up with sweets, cookies, junky stuff…just chocolate. Yum! Well how about mixing in some herbs with the chocolate for some added benefits and be a little sneaky. 🙂 … Continue Reading

Sneaky Chef Strikes Again!

After writing a few days ago regarding the “spinach cookies” that weren’t, I wanted to share the recipe that I mentioned for cupcakes. You can make the purple puree in advance and have it hiding in the refrigerator so nobody suspects a thing, then slide it in your cake batter and quickly wash out the … Continue Reading

Mom,is there spinach in these cookies?

You know you are a homestead when…your child comes in the room with a box of cookies and says, “Mom, is there spinach in these cookies?” Ok you gotta know me, yes I have hidden spinach in cookies, well really brownies, and blueberries and chickpeas and whatever healthy ingredient I could possibly slip into the … Continue Reading