Breakfast of Champions

What is YOUR Breakfast of Champions? Cheerios, Wheaties, donuts or a good well balanced meal? Hopefully you answered the last option. 🙂 My favorite is eggs and kale or a variation of that with whatever I have in the fridge or the pantry. ANYTHING can be put into an egg dish to make a nutritious, … Continue Reading

Oh Shiitake Mushrooms!

We hosted our first Shiitake Mushroom Workshop this past Sunday, thanks to Megan and Beau of My Quality Mushrooms. A week prior to the workshop, I tried my first shiitake mushrooms! Really, just recently because I do not like mushrooms, at least I thought I did not like mushrooms. 🙂 Those white button mushrooms … Continue Reading

Fun With Fungi

Continuing from my earlier post, I am going to tell you all about the classes we took at the conference last weekend. I have this strong urge to do mushroom logs and it is crazy because I don’t love mushrooms, hubby does but me…just kind of like them! Oh well, really just another skill I … Continue Reading