Chickweed And Other Good Weeds Growing!

In a sea of brown outside in the pastures and the garden there still is glimpses of green peeking through the leaves and the pine straw. You know those hardy weeds…really good weeds – CHICKWEED!! By now, many of you know my favorite garden weed is chickweed. If you didn’t know that…now you do! There … Continue Reading

Recipe For Tarragon Parsley Pesto

Have you ever had a tarragon pesto before? I FINALLY tried fresh tarragon for the first time last month while volunteering at the UGarden(University of GA Garden). Tarragon is simply amazing! I looked up a few recipes and tweaked one to my liking. You can eat it on crackers, veggies, mix with pasta or serve … Continue Reading

Veggies and More

I harvested a bunch of veggies from the garden and am now getting ready to plant for fall. This will be the first fall garden so I am excited!!! If at all possible I try to avoid buying produce at the grocery store since there are so many local farms to buy from and you … Continue Reading