Distilling Hydrosols & Essential Oils

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend a class on Distilling Hydrosols & Essential Oils in Atlanta at Kaleidoscope studios. It was simply amazing to see first hand how essential oils are made! I always thought the hydrosol  were the byproduct of distilling essential oils but a true hydrosol is made with that purpose … Continue Reading

The Secret Meaning of Herbs

I was reading through a beautiful post on the Herbal Academy of New England just now referencing the secret meaning of herbs. When we look at flowers, we sometimes describe them in how they make us feel or how they look. For example, when I look at a Calendula blossom, I think how sunny this … Continue Reading

What's Your Favorite Seeds?

Today is cold and windy and just blah! Or it could be blah because I have company in my house that has been here for over two weeks now!!! 😀 Only about 60 days til Spring – yippee! I am digging out my seed catalogs to narrow down my selections of what to order. What’s your … Continue Reading

Recap of 2014

Early this morning I decided to finally cut up the dried lemongrass, remember the lemongrass – labor of love post? It was warm in the kitchen so I took my bundles of lemongrass, a large bowl, clippers and a cup of coffee to the front porch to enjoy  the early sunshine and crisp air. The … Continue Reading

Seeds, seeds and more seeds!

Every January about this time, especially after a warm spell, I just want to start planting! Anything!! Even though I do have collards, spinach and whats left of the broccoli, I find I am impatient waiting for spring to arrive so I can do more. Well it is cold again, we have the weirdest weather … Continue Reading