We Won People's Choice!!!!!

Good Morning Friends – Just woke up, late, really late for me at 6:45am but it is too darn cold out there. Makes you want to curl up and hide under the covers until Spring. 😀 Guess what?? Just got the email saying I was one of the 3 Winners for the People’s Choice Award. … Continue Reading

Recap of 2014

Early this morning I decided to finally cut up the dried lemongrass, remember the lemongrass – labor of love post? It was warm in the kitchen so I took my bundles of lemongrass, a large bowl, clippers and a cup of coffee to the front porch to enjoy  the early sunshine and crisp air. The … Continue Reading

Herbalists Unite – A Shared Post from The Herbalista

The following post is shared from The Herbalista – Lorna Mauney-Brodek with The Herb Bus in Atlanta, GA. Please read this amazing and well written inspiration and hope for all of us that practice herbalism. Enjoy – AM In Defense of Good Herbalista Practices (GHP’s) December 6, 2014  In Defense of Good Herbalista Practices (GHP’s), … Continue Reading

Gobo Burdock Roots and Tincture

Finally, I dug up the Gobo Burdock roots!!! This year was the first that I tried to grow burdock so I planted 6 seedlings. Four of them took and three took over most of the raised bed. After I harvested the plants, I noticed Motherwort was hiding under all the foliage of the Burdock. Guess … Continue Reading

Chickweed And Other Good Weeds Growing!

In a sea of brown outside in the pastures and the garden there still is glimpses of green peeking through the leaves and the pine straw. You know those hardy weeds…really good weeds – CHICKWEED!! By now, many of you know my favorite garden weed is chickweed. If you didn’t know that…now you do! There … Continue Reading

The Herbarium – Community For Like Minded Herbies!

I just found the coolest thing and wanted to share it with you!!! It is the Herbarium. What is an herbarium you ask? The definition is as follows: A herbarium (plural: herbaria) – sometimes known by the Anglicized term herbar – is a collection of preserved plant specimens. These specimens may be whole plants or … Continue Reading

American Herbalist Guild Symposium Recap

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Callaway Gardens at the American Herbalist Guild Symposium. My brain is stuffed to capacity with sooo much additional knowledge that I still have to process all that I have learned. 🙂 Some of you may have not heard about the American Herbalist Guild – The American Herbalists … Continue Reading

Lemon Balm Start To Finish

Lemon Balm ( Melissa officinale), a beautiful, sweet smelling, happy herb! Some of you love it and some of you curse it because of its rapid spread all over the garden, going places you don’t want it to go. 🙂 How do you fix that? Grow it in a raised bed garden with sides. It … Continue Reading

How To Use Lemongrass

  Lemongrass  (Cymopogon citratus, C.flexuosus) Have you ever grown lemongrass? Have you ever harvested your plants? It is definitely a labor of love to dig up your lemongrass plants when it is time. You only need one or two plants in the spring because they will grow to gigantic proportions by the end of the … Continue Reading

What's Happening At The Farm

It has been awhile since I updated what is growing in the garden and the woods and any critter news so I went out and took some new pictures to SHOW you what’s happening! 🙂 I tried a few new medicinal plants this years, some worked and some not so good. I am not the … Continue Reading