Day 22: Tips That Are Guaranteed To Save You Money!

                                                                                  “You cannot bring about prosperity                     … Continue Reading

Making Homemade Breadcrumbs

Since I had a bunch of bread left from market last week, I kept a few loaves for making breadcrumbs. In the past, I have made fresh bread crumbs but never dry breadcrumbs because I always thought it would be a pain to make and you could just go buy a container of dry bread … Continue Reading

Bartering Goodies!

Every week, during the Farmers Market, I have been bartering my breads for other food items. Most of the time it is at the end of each market day if I have a few loaves left over but sometimes I regularly trade early in the day if there is something I really want. This past … Continue Reading

My Bartering For The Week

I LOVE bartering! Some of you folks know that already about me. 🙂 Who wouldn’t love to barter instead of paying cash! I realize there are many people that are intimidated by even the thought of asking another person if they would like to trade their fresh vegetables for a jar of homemade jam. Do … Continue Reading

Ladies Homestead Gathering

Just got home from a short trip to the mountains with my Ladies Homestead Gathering gals!!! Look at the view from the kitchen table – WOW! Our little group has grown over the past two years and now we are a National Organization, how cool is that? My good friend, Cyndi Ball, of Lazy B … Continue Reading

Super Sales Week!!!

Couponing and healthy, organic, real food eating do not always go hand in hand. Many times there are coupons out there for over processed foods that are boxed, bagged and canned items but every so often you can find some really good coupons on items that you actually want to eat!!! 🙂 I am a … Continue Reading

50% off Groceries!

Ahhh….great way to end the year with groceries for alittle more than 50% off! I love to get to the register and see if the savings side of the screen will make it higher than the price I must pay. Is that weird? Does anyone else do that? I am NOT an extreme couponer, just … Continue Reading

Saving At The Grocery Store

Continuing from my last post, I wanted to show you my savings and purchases from the other stores for my groceries last week. I do try and keep my budget at $100-120 for the week, including food, household cleaners,paper products, pet foods and alcohol. Some weeks I come under budget and some alittle over. My … Continue Reading

How To Save Money On…

I love the fall! It is my favorite season, except when I think about buying Christmas presents, ordering Christmas cards, Holiday meals and shipping things off to New York and Florida. We all go through it, I know, but sometimes it helps to brainstorm ideas to have alittle extra cash in the pocket and NOT … Continue Reading