What The Heck Is Foraging?

Have you always wanted to know, What the Heck is Foraging and why is it a thing? Or are you like me and already forage for foods, mushrooms and medicinal plants? Foraging means to search widely for food or provisions. This is NOT a new thing…it has been going on since the beginning of time. … Continue Reading

Goats on the Farm!

Well I finally did it! Our new additions are Goats on the Farm. 😀 These two little guys are so stinking cute!!! Why do I have goats you ask? The opportunity came up, I have room, I need overgrowth of privet, briars, blackberry, poison ivy, kudzu to disappear, they are cute, just because, never had … Continue Reading

Day 16: How Wild Foraging Can Lower The Cost Of Groceries

I changed topics last minute because we are far enough into this to know we are trying to be more frugal and know we need to cut back but how about some ideas you may never thought about? Do any of you forage for fruits, nuts and mushrooms? Free food abounds! Seriously you can feed … Continue Reading