Selling At Farmers Markets

Have any of you sold your homemade goodies or fresh veggies at a local farmers market? This is my second year of markets and I LOVE it! But I must apologize for not posting in almost a week, yikes!!! I am getting used to the new schedule of two markets per week which means baking … Continue Reading

The Swap Shop!

For those of you that have been following me, you know I love to barter instead of paying for things!!! At our Ladies Homestead Gatherings, we have had food swaps, medicinal swap and seed swap. Well we started something new this month and did an all out anything goes swap and boy let me tell … Continue Reading

Super Sales Week!!!

Couponing and healthy, organic, real food eating do not always go hand in hand. Many times there are coupons out there for over processed foods that are boxed, bagged and canned items but every so often you can find some really good coupons on items that you actually want to eat!!! 🙂 I am a … Continue Reading

Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation Education Series

I have found the USDA office in Monroe to be extremely helpful to small farms!!! a flyer was posted on classes for farmers, ranchers and beginner farmers and the classes are FREE!!! Even better! As stated in the flyer and on the website: Purpose: To provide awareness, training, and incentives to motivate/assist Farmers, Ranchers, … Continue Reading

Gearing Up For Farmers Market

So I have my application in for The Statham Farmers Market for this season starting in June and I am so excited! This is a big, busy market with a diverse group of folks selling of course veggies but also handknit items, pastured beef, homemade breads, honey and honey products, lotions, herbal medicinals, fruits and … Continue Reading