Try Something New…

Try something new…Monday can be a great day to try something new that you haven’t done before. Ok do you ever just go purchase something on a whim or do you sit and plan out every detail before making a purchase? MOST of the time I have to think about for days or weeks because … Continue Reading

How To Use Lemongrass

  Lemongrass  (Cymopogon citratus, C.flexuosus) Have you ever grown lemongrass? Have you ever harvested your plants? It is definitely a labor of love to dig up your lemongrass plants when it is time. You only need one or two plants in the spring because they will grow to gigantic proportions by the end of the … Continue Reading

Day 13: Make ________________ instead of buying!

In all of our efforts to spend less and save more we find ourselves making a whole lotta stuff from scratch and not just food! Over the course of four or five years I learned how to make almost all of my spice and seasoning blends, soup mixes, salad dressings, herbal remedies, tea blends, cleaning … Continue Reading

Headache Relief Recipes

Last month I posted some information regarding Feverfew for migraines and how to use it. Not everyone finds relief with just one particular remedy so I found a few more that you can add to your medicine cabinet. Personally feverfew works for me with migraines but not necessarily with tension headaches. Peppermint essential oil seems to … Continue Reading

Wildcrafting Wednesday!

Welcome to the one hundred and twenty-ninth edition of Wildcrafting Wednesday! Wildcrafting Wednesday is hosted by: Sharon @ Woodwife’s Journal, Jennifer @ The Entwife’s Journal, Kathy @ Mind, Body and Sole, Alix @ Blessed in Homemaking, Kristin @ Herban Momma, and me! 🙂 While traditional wildcrafting refers to gathering herbs and plants in the wild … Continue Reading

Herbs For The Immune System

It is that time of year when all the cruddy crud stuff starts happening, you know those sniffles, scratchy throats and the uggghhh “Mom, I think I am sick!” Starting in December I noticed a heck of a bunch more folks getting sick than usual. I am beefing up the immune systems in my family … Continue Reading

How To Make Plantain Infused Oil

How to Make a Plantain Infused Oil – I had to make some plantain oil yesterday for a big herbal class at our Ladies Homestead Gathering this so I thought I would post it here for you all!! Shared on Wildcrafting Wednesday! Were ya just thinking “Plantain infused oil, plantains? Aren’t they bananas?” Not those … Continue Reading

Put The Lime in The Coconut…

How does that song go? “Put the lime in the coconut, and drink it all up”. Remember that song by the Baha Men? 🙂 Sometimes I think about something and can’t get it out of my head!!! I was looking around at different coconut recipes, because I have recently jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon, … Continue Reading

Making Herbal Gifts For Christmas

Yesterday, I taught a class on “Making Herbal Gifts!”. It was so much fun!!! How many of you love to make and receive homemade gifts? It is so much more personal when you receive a gift that was created by a friend. 🙂 Below are some of the ladies and their creations – we made … Continue Reading

Wildcrafting Wednesday Celebrates 100th!

Today is the 100th edition of Wildcrafting Wednesday so we must celebrate!!! Would you like to win an Herbal Goody Bag from me? Here’s what you have to do to try and win. Leave a comment, telling me what your favorite essential oil scent is – I may be mixing something to the individual’s liking. … Continue Reading