Field Trip at Rancho Alegre Farm

Every so often I get a call from Pilar at Rancho Alegre Farm, in Dacula asking me to help out with an upcoming field trip. Well this past Wednesday I went on over to work the petting zoo! Awesome thing about homesteading and staying home…you get to work whenever the opportunity arises. Never a dull … Continue Reading

Learning Herbalism Together

Learning Herbalism together as a community! A couple years back, I started my journey into the herbalism world. At first, I learned there were medicinal benefits for certain foods that we ate like garlic, ginger, tumeric, cayenne, in general, spices. Then a medicinal plant or berry here and there interested me. Eventually, I became obsessed…yep…OBSESSED!!! … Continue Reading

50% off Groceries!

Ahhh….great way to end the year with groceries for alittle more than 50% off! I love to get to the register and see if the savings side of the screen will make it higher than the price I must pay. Is that weird? Does anyone else do that? I am NOT an extreme couponer, just … Continue Reading

Gleaned Goodies!

It is little things that just make my day sparkle just a bit more. I read on a recent blog about Mavis and how she gets free stuff from the grocery stores for her chickens that they would otherwise get rid of. Hmmmm…I thought, this could save a bunch on chicken and cow feed. … Continue Reading

Week of Learning to Share

This has been a good week of learning! Wednesday, I interned with Diane(The Garden Lady) at her home. She has 88 garden beds – in a subdivision!!!! Some are small and some quite large but there is a little bit of everything from fruit trees to herbs to flowers to veggies all on a small … Continue Reading

Farm Work Never Stops…

I have not blogged in over a week because I threw out my back and neck! Uggghhhh!!! I am not used to sitting still or laying still for so long and I am itching to get back to work BUT doctor’s orders no lifting or working for a few more days. So here’s the scoop … Continue Reading