United We Stand, Divided We Fall

In lieu of all that is around us now, I thought I would chat about this highly divided topic. You know the old saying, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. It has been used in songs, speeches, articles but where did it come from?

My thoughts, it came from biblical times, possibly this verse from Matthew 12:25

25 Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.

Think about that for a moment, whether you are a Christian or not…


That scripture or the United We Stand saying can relate to more than it implies. How about a home where husband and wife fight all the time, cannot ever agree, will not budge on their opinion. They think they are both correct and will not bend. No bending, no flexiblity…nothing…period! Think if a tree, it is flexible, bends with the wind but when stiff, old, damaged – it will break. BREAK and not ever stand again, gone forever. A marriage that has no bending, no flexiblity will break, be divided and eventually be gone. But if each person will just give a tiny bit, listen without judging, try even though it may be wrong in their eyes, be kind to one another….maybe , just maybe that tree will strengthen, be nourished and grow and stand tall. Like the mighty oak.


Our country is like a bad marriage right this moment. Judging occurred waaaayyyy before our new President took office. Because he was not the norm, different, strong, wasn’t gonna take any crap, crass and not refined in his speeches. BUT WHY do we have to be refined, perfect, with fake smiles, make promises to make others happy? Is that what people want? Maybe they do! People say things they do not mean later. EVERYONE does! No one person is perfect and without fault. Also think about this…people who boast about crazy, eye popping, shock and awe type content usually are seeking recognition. Think about high school, there was always that one guy or two that would say “hey guess what I did with Mary or Susie last night”, really they did nothing, nothing..maybe a kiss, maybe nothing at all but they NEEDED affirmation or a “thatta boy” high five.

ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words. I know I am going all cliche here but trying to make sense of all of this division and un-unity.

I am not proud of my fellow women that marched for many reasons I do not quite understand but yes some women truly marched peacefully, respectfully, for rights that I do believe in, not extremists just normal rights we all stand united on. Yes we need more compassion for others that are different, more education for children with disabilities and not take rights away already in place. But let’s face it, no one is going to take women’s rights away from them. Rules may change I am sure but we are not going back into the dark ages, it just won’t happen. I will admit, I am on the fence on the main issue with women, NOT THE PINK P*** HAT CRAP, but with the abortion law. YES I do think in the case of rape, abuse, danger to the mother, a young teen who acted stupidly and without care and thought to what might happen, should have that option very very early on in pregnancy. ONE TIME! I hear too often of teens, twenty -somethings having multiple abortions, what? WHAT? Multiple!! That is murder with intent, disregard for control, for responsibility or for their body. Don’t hate me. I don’t care if I get flack for this, seriously, I am my own person with my own opinion but still…I stand united with all of my people, my country, my America, my freedom, the laws -to be followed not be abused or defied.

Rules are made to be broken but laws are not. Without law and order we have chaos, chaos leads to mobs that may become angry protestors, possibly then riots break out, people break into stores, businesses, steal and destroy things( never could understand that everytime there is a riot, folks are running down the street with tv ‘s or other electronics??!). Riots lead to divisions and hate and unlike that broken marriage that may just end, could fester and become a war…a war between ourselves. We do not need another civil war in our country. We need Unity, We need Community and remember UNITY is in COMMUNITY. 🙂

So my final thoughts on this subject? How about for one stinking day – we share peace, love, happiness, acceptance, patience, prayer, hugs, kisses, kindness, helpfulness, support, promise, hope, atta girls and smiles. Who is with me????

Let’s start today – you can share the last paragraph on sharing on your fb page or instagram, tag me on it if you wish. Let us start our own movement – sharing the love!!

Love to you my friends –




Day 19: Living The Good Life, No Matter What The Checkbook Says

                        “If you have a garden and a library,
you have everything you need.” – Cicero

We are in the last few days of our 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge so by now I’ll bet you all can breathe a little easier after what you have been learning and hopefully practicing. Remember it is not about doing without, it is about enjoying and accepting what you DO have. 🙂 Enjoy the following post on “Living The Good Life, No Matter What The Checkbook Says”.

“There are so many families that are currently struggling daily to keep their heads above water…they have lost their jobs, they have lost their homes, and they’re earning much less than they are acustom to. Yet some of these same people are raising their children with deeply-rooted values, enjoying an intimate relationship with their spouse, and finding joy in all things – despite the difficulties they’re experiencing.

It proves that you can live on a tight tight budget, find happiness, and experience the good life all at the same time!

How to live the good life no matter what the checkbook says.

Living the good life has everything to do with quality over quantity and people over possessions. It has very little to do with how much money you have.

Given that assumption, here are a few suggestions to help us prioritize those things that truly matter – no matter what the checkbook says.

1. Develop your passions. Money and consumerism dampens our creativity and puts the fire out on our passions. When we learn to appreciate who we are, and what we have, our passions have the ability to reignite. You already possess everything you need to live the good life – it’s time you embrace who you are and what you love.

The whole world is at your fingertips! :)
The whole world is at your fingertips! 🙂

2. Learn a new skill. Developing our passions may mean we have to learn a new skill — or refine old ones. But this doesn’t necessarily mean we need a formal higher education! That’s right…contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars obtaining a degree in order to live the good life. Read! Read everything you can get your hands on that talks about the things you are interested in. On top of reading, there are several excellent ways to learn a new skill that won’t cost you a penny: ***On this subject from AM – I have apprenticed or bartered for almost all of my skills including nail technician, riding instructor, herbalist, seed saver, chef, etc… Network with the Ladies Homestead Gathering for many opportunities to learn***

3. Invest in people. For most of my adult life, this has been my motto. If ever in doubt…invest in people. The people that matter don’t care about your money, they care about you and want you. Living the good life involves sharing it with others and when we prioritize and invest in people we always get a return on our investment.

4. Volunteer you time. Voluteering your time to help those who are less fortunate than you is a big piece to the ‘good life’ puzzle. I don’t care who you are, or how little you have, there’s always someone who has less. There’s always someone worse off. I use to think to myself, “I can’t wait until I’m out of debt ’cause then I can give more.” Then I realized I can give more now — I can give my time at the shelter, I can give my time to homeschooling my children, and I can give my time teaching my neighbor how to start a garden — and when I give my time, I feel fulfilled.

5. Enjoy nature. I think that a lot of people think that traveling, leisure, and vacationing have to be some big thing, like going to Europe or the Caribbean, but it really doesn’t have to be. You know what we do? We go out into nature — camp, hike, take a walk on the beach — you don’t have to go far in order to experience a different a different way of life. Growing up we hardly ever spent the night in a hotel, and I never even traveled internationally until high school (and that was only to Mexico). Nonetheless, I still feel like a well-traveled individual, primarily because of the love for nature that my Dad and Mom instilled into me.

6. Health is wealth. And prevention is key! Take care of your body, mind, and soul. Eat a healthy diet, reduce stress, and nurture your spirit. Nothing has the ability to destroy the good life — and our financial stability – like a chronic illness. And who’s to say, illness may come in spite of all the “right” things that we do. Yet, all things point to a better quality of life when we take care of ourselves. And as we’ve discussed before, eating simple, healthy, in-season foods doesn’t have to expensive and living frugally often leads to less stress.

7. Stay home. Stop shopping, stop running from hear to there, stop thinking that you have to take some extravagant vacation, all to experience the good life. Why don’t you stay home for a change. Enjoy the home that you work so hard to pay for. Cook from scratch at home…instead of eating out. Workout at home…instead of going to the gym. Relax at home…instead of going to some fancy hotel.

Our happiness and contentment in this life is dependent only on our ability to enjoy what we have. The good life is waiting…” Andrea B. – Frugally Sustainable

From AM – Also here are some helpful links for sites and books that are free or inexpensive for learning a new skill:

Free Courses – learn just about anything at Coursera!

Open Courseware FREE at MIT

Botany Everyday free class

Greenhorns Book

Greenhorn Video – a film about a young farmers’ entrepreneurial spirit! Cheap to rent.
The Greenhorns

Free Kindle Book for junior entreprenuers

Learn How to Farm book free

How To Raise Alpacas – 99 cents

Breadmaking how to videos


Now It’s Your Turn

Daily Goal: What small step can you take today that will lead you closer toward the good life?


Have a great day today!


*Affiliate links – I do post affiliate links on my page for your convenience and do receive a small commission if a purchase is made from the link at no cost to you. Thank you for visiting our affiliates. 🙂

What Does Community Mean To You?

When you think of the word – Community, what comes to mind?

A neighborhood?

A place to hang out?

A group of people?

As defined in Webster’s, here are ALL the definitions!!! Just bear with me a minute. 🙂

: a group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood)

: a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc.

: a group of nations

:  a unified body of individuals: as

a :  statecommonwealth

b :  the people with common interests living in a particular area; broadly :  the area itself <the problems of a largecommunity>

c :  an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (as species) in a common location

d :  a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society <a communityof retired persons>

e :  a group linked by a common policy

f :  a body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests <the international community>

g :  a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society <the academiccommunity>

:  society at large
a :  joint ownership or participation <community of goods>

b :  common character :  likeness <community of interests>

c :  social activity :  fellowship

d :  a social state or condition

Ok so we have enough definitions and examples, don’t ya think? Community to me is my family,
My cute family!
My cute family!
Doggie community
Doggie community
Chicken community - sharing the bounty!
Chicken community – sharing the bounty!
my friends, my coworkers at the Farmer’s Market and of course, my Ladies Homestead gals.
No matter what you call your group, your peeps, you do things with and for each other  and share or contribute to build relationships.
Without community, we are just one lonely soul thinking we can do it all by our self with no help from others. Sad but true for some. Community makes us stronger!
You frequently hear me talk about bartering at the market and with friends and know that I LOVE this. I would be so on board with a no money barter only society but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon, if so I am ready. 🙂
My market community – I had one loaf of bread left at the market this week and Hal from Foster-Brady Farm next door to me had some veggies left. I gave  him the loaf and he shared with me a bunch of stuff!!! So sweet! He did not want to go home with it so I happily obliged. I got a bag – big bag of broccoli, three 8-ball squash and some kale and lettuce. Sharing equals happiness!!
I purchased the cabbage , beets and dog treats
I purchased the cabbage , beets and dog treats
While packing up, Gail had some flowers left so she gave me some lilies and echinacea.
20140607_132446_resized (1024x576)
So what did I do with all that broccoli?
We ate some that night then today I cut it all up and put the florets in ziplocs and now what to do with all those stems???? I just can’t see throwing them out, maybe soup.
20140610_124628_resized (1024x576)
20140610_125143_resized (1024x576)
PS The color came out weird in the stalks pic, they are all green!!! Hahaha…
Here are a couple ideas I should try!

Broccoli Stalk Soup


Broccoli Hushpuppies

broccoli hushpuppies
OR Holy Moly !!
Broccoli Stem Pesto
Broccoli Stem Pesto
Enjoy your day today and share with me what community means to you. 😀

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