How To Make Chocolate Mint Extract

Chocolate + Mint + alcohol = Chocolate Mint Extract. How does that sound? Simply delicious! Cookies and Holiday baking are months away but I am trying to think ahead this year. Each Christmas I decide to make something different whether it be hazelnut cookies, chocolate truffles or mint chocolate brownies…then I check the spices and … Continue Reading

Herbs in Chocolate

Chocolate, Cocoa, Cacao….however you say it, it is delicious! On Saturday I taught a class here on Herbal Chocolates. You heard me right HERBS and CHOCOLATE together. 🙂 First of all if you did not already know, Chocolate or Cacao(Theobroma cacao) is medicinal all in it’s self. It elevates mood, stimulates(only half the caffeine of … Continue Reading

10 Days of Goodness: Recipe for Chewy Granola Bars

Granola is one of my favorite treats! Most of the time, that is unless you buy those tiny prepackaged granola bars that are full of sugar and other junk!! I have a couple of recipes for granola that I use with the first being the most popular. Feel free to change the ingredients around. Add … Continue Reading

Day 8: Learn To Control Impulse Spending

  Following yesterday’s topic of De-Cluttering, we will talk about Controlling Impulse Spending because we know the cluttering had to come from somewhere, right? My impulse spending usually happens at yard sales. You know the routine, you see something for $1 that you feel you must have and even better you can get 6 of … Continue Reading

Day 13 THM and a CHEAT!

It was bound to happen…two weeks on plan and then…we had chili – I made homemade biscuits. I just HAD to have one of those biscuits, they were tiny, really and I only had one!!!!!!! Why oh why did I not make cornbread, then maybe, just maybe I would not have been soooo tempted to … Continue Reading

Day 12 of Trim Healthy Mama

I have some catching up to do with all of you! Sorry I did not post over the weekend. I am still going on the THM plan and loving it, especially playing with new recipes. 🙂 I wanted to add a couple recipes that I had over the last few days plus let ya know … Continue Reading

Day 7 Recipe for Chocolate Crunch Bars

A girl just HAS to have chocolate, even on a diet. 🙂 I adjusted my original recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie to make it THM approved. shared on AND 10 minutes later….. I ate three…must stop and save some….hurry hide them in the freezer! Enjoy! Copycat Chocolate Crunch Bars Adapted from:Chocolate Covered Katie’s Crunch Bars … Continue Reading

Trim Healthy Mama plus More Winter Cold Remedies!

It’s January and what ALWAYS happens in January? NO, NOT the white sales – hahaha! At least not for me, could care less about shopping. 🙂 January is the month we all want to set goals for the new year including eating healthier. Well I have a couple pounds to lose, 9 to be exact … Continue Reading

Secret Kiss Snowball Cookies

One of my most favorite bloggers is Mavis Butterfield from One Hundred Dollars A Month, do any of you follow her too? Every day I read her posts and hope to one day to be just like her. 😀 The other day she posted a recipe for Hershey’s Secret Kiss Snowball Cookies – they looked … Continue Reading

Herbal Infused Chocolates

To follow up on last weeks posts regarding the Medicinal Foods” Class that I took in Asheville, here is the recipe! I plan on using this for quite a few treats. 🙂 Yes we took a picture of the recipe because we were so tired of taking notes!!! Naomi did not give us exact measurements … Continue Reading