Fig Wine and Chicken Tomatoes

Weird title huh? I figured I would add two posts together today! I made Fig Wine, or should I say I am m-a-k-i-n-g fig wine, I hope. 🙂 My friend Kim gave me a BUNCH of figs over the past few weeks and some went into jam, preserves, the freezer, my belly, to others and … Continue Reading

Chickens Had a Pizza Party!

My animals are spoiled rotten! Seriously. Just the other day, instead of giving my chickens their usual extra snack of leftover bread or veggies, they got pizza. Yep…3 leftover slices of homemade pepperoni pizza! Oh my goodness, they went bananas over it. One hen even took a piece and RAN away with it!!! 🙂   … Continue Reading

Field Trip at Rancho Alegre Farm

Every so often I get a call from Pilar at Rancho Alegre Farm, in Dacula asking me to help out with an upcoming field trip. Well this past Wednesday I went on over to work the petting zoo! Awesome thing about homesteading and staying home…you get to work whenever the opportunity arises. Never a dull … Continue Reading

Raised Beds vs. Row Gardening

Up until this spring, I have only gardened by tradition row planting with the addition of two small raised garden boxes. Row planting is more time consuming each year, especially for my hubby, with the endless tilling and raking dirt into mounds and then of course, my job….the weeding!!! Ugghh! So determined not to get … Continue Reading

Chickens and Eggs or Is It Eggs and Chickens?

Do you love chickens? Do you love eggs? I totally love my chickens! Hubby only loves them when they stay in their yard not on our deck or in the garage or staring at us through the glass door while we eat. 🙂 Yeah, I can understand that but keeping them in their house and run … Continue Reading

Blog Hop!

<a href="“> If link does not work click on Frugal Days #61. Frugally Sustainable does a weekly Blog Hop where we can all share our ideas and blogs on sustainable living! Visit her blogs to get over 110 new ideas!!! Wow this keeps getting bigger each week. Here are some of the topics: 2. Build … Continue Reading

Gleaned Goodies!

It is little things that just make my day sparkle just a bit more. I read on a recent blog about Mavis and how she gets free stuff from the grocery stores for her chickens that they would otherwise get rid of. Hmmmm…I thought, this could save a bunch on chicken and cow feed. … Continue Reading

Chicken House Gets a Much Needed Update

Since we recently got a few new baby chicks, we knew that our chicken house would need an update to accommodate them as they got bigger. At first, we had the babies in a large rubbermaid tub with a grate and a light but oh they are quite active at a month old! They run … Continue Reading

You Might Be A Homesteader…

So you might be a homesteader if you look into your soil for your gardens, see worms and yell “YAY I have worms!!!” AND you get excited seeing your beautiful, rich soil made from compost with the help of your chickens. 2 raised beds made next to our 25×11 foot garden and 1 raised bed … Continue Reading