Recipe For Homemade Pizza Rolls

It is raining today, has been raining ALL DAY LONG and not just little rain, big fat stormy, windy rain. What do you do when you can’t play outside? I usually cook because I hate cleaning, although I could clean…but my house is neat, not spotless…I’d rather cook anyday. 🙂 Last night we had raviolis … Continue Reading

50% off Groceries!

Ahhh….great way to end the year with groceries for alittle more than 50% off! I love to get to the register and see if the savings side of the screen will make it higher than the price I must pay. Is that weird? Does anyone else do that? I am NOT an extreme couponer, just … Continue Reading

You Might Be A Homesteader…

So you might be a homesteader if you look into your soil for your gardens, see worms and yell “YAY I have worms!!!” AND you get excited seeing your beautiful, rich soil made from compost with the help of your chickens. 2 raised beds made next to our 25×11 foot garden and 1 raised bed … Continue Reading