Expanding Gardens for More Herbs!

Spring, lovely Spring! We wait all winter long for this time of year, well at least I do. I was just itching to get out and dig, plant and harvest and just enjoy the sights and sounds of Springtime! This year, we are growing more, hopefully 🙂 My neighbor came over with his tractor and tilled … Continue Reading

The Secret Meaning of Herbs

I was reading through a beautiful post on the Herbal Academy of New England just now referencing the secret meaning of herbs. When we look at flowers, we sometimes describe them in how they make us feel or how they look. For example, when I look at a Calendula blossom, I think how sunny this … Continue Reading

How To Make A Calendula Oil Infusion

Don’t you just love the Spring? Actually it will be officially Summer in a couple week – wow! I love Spring because I can start picking flowers and herbs to use in my infusions, tinctures and all the beautiful other creations. One of my absolute favorite flowers is calendula – beautiful, sunny calendula! This year … Continue Reading

Herbs For Healthy Hair

Sometimes I just come across something really wonderful and think, “I have to share that on the blog!!!” Well I was scanning through my emails and came across a newsletter from Herbal Academy of New England. They have boocoos of herbal info on there! It brought to this post  – Herbs For Healthy Hair which … Continue Reading

Garden Firsts!

I love this time of the year, when the days are long, the mornings are cool and garden firsts pop up! Well I call them that…you know what I mean? The first flower, the first veggie, the first berry. 🙂 Remember what the garden looked like in March? Well here it is now in May! … Continue Reading

Seeds, seeds and more seeds!

Every January about this time, especially after a warm spell, I just want to start planting! Anything!! Even though I do have collards, spinach and whats left of the broccoli, I find I am impatient waiting for spring to arrive so I can do more. Well it is cold again, we have the weirdest weather … Continue Reading