Farm Chores and More Farm Chores

Sometimes I think I save everything up for one day just because I don’t feel like doing chores or I am busy or whatever the excuse may be. Today, I was not going to procrastinate anymore! I got out by 8:45 and started my garden chores. What a beautiful morning it was, sunny, a little … Continue Reading

Garden Firsts!

I love this time of the year, when the days are long, the mornings are cool and garden firsts pop up! Well I call them that…you know what I mean? The first flower, the first veggie, the first berry. 🙂 Remember what the garden looked like in March? Well here it is now in May! … Continue Reading

Veggies and More

I harvested a bunch of veggies from the garden and am now getting ready to plant for fall. This will be the first fall garden so I am excited!!! If at all possible I try to avoid buying produce at the grocery store since there are so many local farms to buy from and you … Continue Reading


Just picked my second batch of wild blackberries and boy, some of them are big and juicy this year! I picked almost two pounds so I can now make some jam-yummy. I tried a Basil Blackberry jam last week for a recipe from Giada deLaurentis and it was good but even for me, a little … Continue Reading