Herb of the Month Club and Herbal CSA

Bella Vista Farm is excited to offer a quarterly share in our  Herbal CSA 

Here are the basics of a CSA if you are unsure of what it is.

While we will not be offering fresh produce and meat, we will be offering a quarterly basket of Herbal Remedies and Fresh Herbs that relate to the season in which it is purchased.

For example, a winter share might include: Elderberry Syrup, Echinacea tincture, Winter Immune Tea, Reusable Heat Pack, Infused Honey, Sugar Scrubs and a Lip Remedy for Chapped Lips.

Our Herbal CSA provides sustainable, healthy, locally produced plant medicines made by with the skill, knowledge, intention and love of your herbalist.

Our products are handcrafted with herbs that we grow, harvest from the wild or from a trusted ethically grown source, with the intention of using as many locally-sourced herbs as possible.

With each basket, you will receive 6 products that may include tinctures, tea blends, salves, lotions, sprays, fresh or dried herbs, infused honey and vinegars with an herbal information sheet showing each product and how to use it as well as recipes. Sometimes we will include a special surprise. 🙂 Each yearly share purchase includes 10% off our herbal products.

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Summer basket may include insect repellent, jewelweed salve, calendula tincture, sunflower rose lotion, lip balm and a 1.5 oz tea blend.

This CSA will be limited to 25 people. 2018 Baskets will be distributed in March/June/September/December

If you’d like to support grassroots herbalism consider joining Bella Vista Farm’s CSA today!

Previous Baskets:

2015  Spring Basket

Spring CSA

2015 Summer Basket

summer csa

Yearly total cost $260. You will receive one basket each quarter for a total of 4 baskets. This is in one payment. If you need a payment plan, contact me by email: mybellavistafarm@gmail.com ****2016 Share Holders get a 10% discount****

To purchase your share Click the link below to take you to Pay Pal.

New Member FULL Share

Returning Member FULL Share 



Herb Of The Month Club

Wouldn’t you like to dive deeper into your herbal studies without leaving the comfort of your home?

Bella Vista offers an Herbal Study Program through a DIY Herb Box. Each month there is one herb to be studied. For example: September was all about Ashwagandha and the boxes included a DIY Grounding Trail Mix, a couple seeds to plant your own Ashwagandha, a DIY Face Mask/Hair Mask kit, a DIY Stress Relief Syrup kit and a handout with all the instructions, ingredients included and an herb profile. You also get to join our PRIVATE Bella Vista Farm Herb Study group on FaceBook where we post all info related to the herb of the month and we can discuss anything herbal related!

The cost is $30 per month and needs to be paid prior to the receipt of the box. Boxes are distributed around the 17th of the month and monies are due by the 2nd of the month. Of course you can prepay a few months if desired and we can ship anywhere in the US for $5 additional! Get yours HERE

photo credit Denise Hardin
One of the DIY kits in the Chaga mushroom box photo credit Denise Hardin

Bella Vista Farm Herb of the Month Calendar 2018

January – Ginger

February- Cacao

March – Chickweed

April – Lemon Balm

May – Burdock Root

June – Shiitake Mushroom

July – Blackberry

August – Skullcap

September – Elderberry/Elderflower

October – Echinacea

November – Sage

December – Turkey Tail Mushroom

While most herbs are safe for many, a bit of education on drug interactions or possible side effects before administering any herbal remedy is always recommended. I do make notes on the handouts if there is a particular herb that may interact with medications. Remember learning and research is fun!

Bella Vista Farm CSA – herbal information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and have not been evaluated by the FDA. For educational purposes.



Hey Anne-Marie!
I would love to get on the list to join your 2016 Herbal CSA. Please let me know if I can join and when to pay if I am in!



Awesome Melia! I will be sending out an email with all the info right after Christmas and the payment due date will be the end of January. 🙂
Have a Merry Christmas.


My favorite investment of the year! I totally loved the 2015 baskets and each product! Thanks Anne-Marie!!!


Thank you sooo much Carole!!!

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