Classes are offered at Bella Vista Farm or in your home or church. Let me know if you want to schedule a class at your place. Hosts are free!!!

Upcoming 2017  CLASSES

Sunday, September 10th

Food As Medicine 10:00am -1:00pm at Bella Vista Farm description below

Wednesday, October 18th

Artisan Bread Making 10:00am – 1:00pm at Bella Vista Farm details below in class descriptions.

Saturday, October 28th

Herbal First Aid Workshop 10:00am – 1:00pm Bella Vista Farm details below

Saturday, November 11th

Mushroom Workshop 2 class times – 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm

Most of the classes are posted in the sidebar of the home page but here is a description of each. EMAIL for more

Backyard Medicinal Workshop –

Would you like to know what is growing is your backyard that can be edible or medicinal? We will talk about 6-8 plants that are growing this time of year and their benefits. You will learn to make two remedies from those plants and we will hike the farm and gardens to id what you have learned.
Bring a notebook, close toed shoes for hiking, long pants recommended, hat, if you like and a small basket to gather some goodies along the way.
Class Fee $30

Beginner Basic Botany/Field Study – 

How would you like to learn to ID plants positively without having to rely on pictures? By learning Basic Botany and using a reliable Field Guide Book, you will be able to go out on herb walks or in your backyard and figure out what exactly is growing by using leaf, flower, plant type keys. Required book – Newcomb’s Wildflower Field Guide
Class will include lunch

Food As Medicine – 

Herbal Medicine is not only about making tinctures, teas or capsules. Using medicinal herbs in everyday foods can help prevent illness and heal our bodies. This is a hands on workshop learning to prepare delicious food with burdock root, mushrooms, stinging nettle, turmeric, chocolate and more!
Class Fee $35 – Limited to 10

Herbal Medicine Making 101 

How would you like to make your own herbal remedies? Come to this hands on workshop and see how, step by step from infusing the herbs in oil to creating a healing salve and lip balm. We will also learn how to tincture our herbs for long term preservation with alcohol, vinegar and vegetable glycerin.

We will go over record keeping of medicine making, what quality ingredients to use, folk method versus weight to volume method, when to use alcohol or glycerin, how to make enough to have on hand for the year, etc..

Cost is $35 LHG Members get 10% off
You will go home with a salve, a lip balm and a tincture. Bring an 8 oz and 16 oz canning jars with lids.
Weather permitting we will see if anything is growing to id.
12 people maximum for this class

Herbal Chocolate and Elixirs!

Learn how to make herbal infused chocolates, hot chocolate drinks, chocolate infused wines – it is all about chocolate and herbs!!!

$30 per person and you will take home a few chocolate creations.

email –
Class is limited to 10.

Herbal Actions & Formulating Remedies  – 

So you want to go beyond the basics? You are able to match an herb to a symptom, now learn what all the actions of each herb mean and depending on the person, figure out the best combination of herbs to address all of their symptoms. Make an individualized tea formula to take home. $40 Time permitting we can walk at the end of class to check out what’s growing and take home a few goodies.

***This is not a beginner class, you must have a basic knowledge or have taken a class from me before***

Herbal Chocolate Goodness!

Elderberries - let's make an elixir!
Elderberries – let’s make an elixir!

Herbal First Aid – Come learn what plants in the wild or in your own backyard can be used cuts, scrapes, burns, bites and splinters. We will give you the knowledge and the tools to make your own herbal first aid kit creating a few in class to take home. Bring a small sturdy plastic box with lid – like the school pencil boxes (8 x 3″) or similar. Cost $30

Herbs For The Immune System –This workshop is all about staying healthy during cold and flu season. You can boost your immunity with Echinacea and Elderberry! We will learn about these two herbs and a few more while we cook up some goodies to take home. $30

Mushroom Workshop – 

How would you like to grow your own shiitake mushrooms? This hands on workshop will teach you how to innoculate logs and you will take home two logs that YOU drill and innoculate.

Cost is $50 and payment must be prepaid or other arrangements made with me before confirming your space.
There will be two workshop slots – one at 9 until 12 and the second starting at 1 until 4. Please let me know your preference. ONLY 6 people per time slot. 🙂

Plant & Mushroom ID Hike –

Do you want to learn how to identify more plants and mushrooms and gain confidence in your knowledge? Come on this fun hike and let’s see what we can find. Bring your favorite field guide, pack a lunch, plenty of water, a backpack, bug repellent and good hiking shoes. We will walk a few miles at least and this is a hilly trail!



Artisan Bread Workshop –Does breadmaking seem like a daunting task? How about being able to make a batch of dough to last you all week in a few easy steps! I use the artisan bread in 5 minutes a day method and you can learn this easy method in one workshop. All students will make their own dough to take home as well as bake a couple loaves to eat during class. 3 hour workshop – cost $30 per person.



Cooking From Scratch – I love cooking but I realize there are many people out there that do not love cooking like I do. Would you like to learn to make more home cooked meals and not eat out as much. By cooking at home, YOU know what goes into your meal and YOU can rest assured that there are good, wholesome ingredients in your meal that you can pronounce. Nothing fancy, good stuff like homemade spaghetti sauce, pizza from scratch, chicken fingers that can rival the best restaurant ones, chicken and dumplings, soups, homemade bread and much more!!! Workshops are $35 per person including lunch/dinner depending on time of day. 3 hour class.

Couponing 101/Saving Money At The Grocery Store – Do you spend way too much on groceries each week only to come home with enough for a couple days? Would you like to learn some easy strategies to help you SAVE money at the grocery store? I can help! Each week I save approximately 50% on my bill. No I am NOT and extreme coupon person, just a regular person doing money saving tips to cut my grocery bill in half. Want to learn more?

Frugality 101 – Being frugal is not about being cheap! Frugality is about saving money on everything you buy, recycling, reusing, cooking from scratch, gardening, making things you can use instead of buying. Simpler living period!  hands-on workshops are $30.

Kids in The Kitchen – 

Does your child like to cook or would her or she wish to learn? This is not your let’s get  together and bake cookies kind of class, it is all about REAL food cooking using good wholesome ingredients(maybe alittle chocolate here and there) and teaching them veggies and fruits ARE yummy too! Kids Pasta Making, Pizza Day, Baked Goods with a few surprises.





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Where are you located, in Georgia? We are interested in herbal recipes from plants growing here; mimosa and native plants. Ann and Howard’s Plants in Savannah. We have natives, etc.


Hi Ann & Howard – I am in Monroe, GA near Athens. Please feel free to share any of my recipes that I have on the blog. If you could though, just credit where it came from. 🙂 Also I teach classes here at the farm if you are ever interested in coming. Maybe we could barter plants for a class!

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