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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

In lieu of all that is around us now, I thought I would chat about this highly divided topic. You know the old saying, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. It has been used in songs, speeches, articles but where … Continue reading

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Medicinal & Edible Benefits of Hibiscus

The colors of Fall are beautiful with the trees changing into an array of yellow, red, gold, orange and brown. You don’t expect to see many plants producing as you do in the Summer. There are some exceptions of course. The … Continue reading

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Day 16: How Wild Foraging Can Lower The Cost Of Groceries

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Originally posted on Bella Vista Farm:
I changed topics last minute because we are far enough into this to know we are trying to be more frugal and know we need to cut back but how about some ideas you…

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The Benefits of Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota) otherwise known as Wild Carrot is part of the Apiaceae family of plants or commonly called the Parsley Family. Until recently, I never touched Queen Anne’s Lace for fear that it may be a poisonous … Continue reading

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Medicinal Benefits of Mimosa

Originally posted on Bella Vista Farm:
Did you know Mimosa had medicinal benefits? NO! Not the yummy drink Mimosa, although that would be good right now, I mean the TREE Mimosa(Albizia julibrissin). Nearby tree that I will get the flowers from.…

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My Favorite Green – Stinging Nettles!

I love when the Stinging Nettles are coming in!! My favorite green of all time. I am probably the only one that gets excited to see the nettles spreading all over the garden in places that they weren’t before. 😀 … Continue reading

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Expanding Gardens for More Herbs!

Spring, lovely Spring! We wait all winter long for this time of year, well at least I do. I was just itching to get out and dig, plant and harvest and just enjoy the sights and sounds of Springtime! This year, … Continue reading

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