Spring Garden & Chickweed Recipe

How is your garden doing so far this spring? Here are a few pictures of ours in progress. πŸ™‚ I must go out and take more pics of the tomatoes and blackberries. We have had a crazy cool spring week and nothing seems to be growing much. I am READY for red tomatoes!!!!! The Blood … Continue Reading

Black Friday Weekend Sale – Ultimate Healthy Living!

Did you miss the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle the first time it came around? We’ve heard from so many people who were disappointed they missed out the first time around, that we’re happy to announce the Encore Flash Sale for Black Friday weekend only! What’s in the Bundle? We took 86 eBooks (plus 1 eCourse) … Continue Reading

Ultimate Healthy Living eBook Bundle Deal!!!

Wow, I am sooooo excited to tell you about the Ultimate eBook Bundle!!! I don’t know about you but I love eBooks especially when you can get them for next to nothing. Read on if you would like to get 86 eBooks! πŸ™‚ Providing you with fabulously useful eBook resources is what we, the team … Continue Reading

Grow Your Own Bandages

Did you know you could grow your own bandages? Yep! What plant am I talking about? Fuzzy Lambs Ear, you know the one that grows like crazy even if you plant one teensy, tiny little plant. I am sorry poor little lambs ear, I have neglected to appreciate all that you can do! Still More … Continue Reading


Blackberry season is in full swing! I have wild blackberries that are covered up by weeds and vines this year. πŸ™ Guess we need some cows again to keep everything neat and tidy. I can manage to pick a few here and there but nothing like last year- I picked numerous buckets! Doesn’t really matter … Continue Reading

Independence Day Blog Hop

Wildcrafting Wednesday is off this week but will be back next Wednesday! Join us in the Independence Day Blog Hop. πŸ™‚   Independence Day Hop! So it’s a day early…but this gives you a chance to link up your Independence posts! Share anything about self sufficiency, homesteading, healthy foods, gardening, pets and livestock, or your … Continue Reading

Garden Progress

Garden progress update! A neighbor of mine recently cut down an acre or two of trees to make room for some goats. The trees had to sit awhile before being cut up and mulched and this past week they were thrown into the chipper and mulch was made, lots and lots and lots of mulch!!! … Continue Reading

Garden Firsts!

I love this time of the year, when the days are long, the mornings are cool and garden firsts pop up! Well I call them that…you know what I mean? The first flower, the first veggie, the first berry. πŸ™‚ Remember what the garden looked like in March? Well here it is now in May! … Continue Reading

Wildcrafting Wednesday!

Welcome to the eighty fifth edition of Wildcrafting Wednesday! Wildcrafting Wednesday is hosted by: Sharon @ Woodwife’s Journal, Lisa @ The Self-Sufficient HomeAcre, Jennifer @ The Entwife’s Journal, Susan @ Real Food, Real Frugal, Kathy @ Mind, Body and Sole, Alix @ Blessed in Homemaking, Jerica @ Sustain, Create and Flow, and me! πŸ™‚ While … Continue Reading

Benefits of Red Clover

Recently, I purchased some red clover blossoms to make a tincture or tea because I have learned so many good things about red clover! Did you know it is a great go to herb during menopause? It has some of the same compounds(phyto estrogens)Β that soy has without all the bad stuff(GMO junk!) Red clover is … Continue Reading