Drying mushrooms doesn’t have to be scary! Mushrooms are one of the easiest foods to preserve.

1. First go out and pick your mushrooms!

We have shiitakes here today but you can dehydrate most mushrooms, especially meaty ones. Chanterelles do not dry well so those are best if sauteed and frozen or made into jerky. More on that to come.

2. Clean Your Shrooms

First you want to clean off any debris with a slightly damp paper towel, just BARELY damp or use a mushroom brush. Remove stems and save the stems in the freezer for soup stock.

Next slice your mushroom caps and place them on the dehydrator trays. Be careful not to over crowd them.

3. Turn On Machine

Turn your dehydrator on. After an hour, rotate your trays for even drying. Start checking your mushrooms slice by 2 hours. You want them to break but not crumble. When the slices are done, turn off machine and let cool. Place your dried mushrooms into glass jars and they will keep for up to a year. Check them periodically to make sure no moisture is in there and no sign of mold. **I usually put a coffee filter over my jar instead of a lid for about 24 hours, to make sure they are really nice and dry then put the lid on.**

To rehydrate: place some sliced dried mushrooms in a dish with a small amount of warm water. Your mushrooms will rehydrate in just a few minutes. Add to your favorite recipe OR add dried mushrooms to your soups!

Something I like to do with mine is make a DIY Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix. Recipe to be uploaded shortly!


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