Day 16: How Wild Foraging Can Lower The Cost Of Groceries

I love foraging! This post was from 2014 but I thought I would share it again since there were so many good points to foraging – hope you enjoy it!!!

Bella Vista Farm

I changed topics last minute because we are far enough into this to know we are trying to be more frugal and know we need to cut back but how about some ideas you may never thought about?

Do any of you forage for fruits, nuts and mushrooms? Free food abounds! Seriously you can feed the state of Georgia alone with Kudzu – we got enough of it!!

Last year I was able to harvest lots of chanterelles due to the rain which saved on my mushroom budget at the store in addition to the shiitakes that I grow.

chanterelle bounty (720x960)003 (1024x768)


Just on my property alone I have harvested:



dew berries

muscadines – massive amount

morels(rare find)

wild cherries

wild garlic & onion


lamb’s quarters




red sumac berries


Kudzu leaves and flowers

This year I am going to tackle the acorns and hickory nuts.



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