Medicinal Benefits of Mimosa

The following post was from a couple years ago but after collecting my mimosa blooms yesterday, I thought you would enjoy it! 🙂 AM

Bella Vista Farm

Did you know Mimosa had medicinal benefits?

mimosa drink

NO! Not the yummy drink Mimosa, although that would be good right now, I mean the TREE Mimosa(Albizia julibrissin).

market pics 008 (1024x768)Nearby tree that I will get the flowers from.

mimosa-flowerFound this gorgeous picture!!!

This year has been a whirlwind of herbal learning!!! I was in an herbal class earlier this spring taught by one of my favorite herbalists, Patricia Howell, and learned sooooo much. One herb that caught my attention was Mimosa with its beautiful pink, feathery blossoms which by the way, smell incredibly sweet! Since the class was February or March, now I can’t quite remember, I did not pay much attention to finding Mimosa since it was not going to bloom until June. But I did go out and buy the extract – Albizia Calm. Notice on the label, it supports mental calmness, yeah I’ll take some of that thank you!

albizia calm


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