I NEED to declutter this house and get rid of things, 1000 things at least! I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Mavis Butterfield of www.onehundreddollarsamonth.com. Have you read her blog? If not, go on…go visit, I’ll wait!

Earlier this year I started cleaning out stuff I don’t need, didn’t get very far, just the hall closet and the garage. After reading all the things Mavis has purged from her house, I thought “I CAN do this and must start now!!!”.  Ya’ll are going to keep me accountable and can do it along with me if you like, I would like!

My house is too big and I can put stuff away in a spare room, in the basement, in the attic, in the barn…you get the picture. I like stuff, we all like stuff but do we really need 72 plastic containers under the cabinets? And with that many, you can never find the correct lid to the bowl you want to use. Are you a saver too?

When I think about how much we really need and use, it is ridiculous to see an excess of stuff, STUFF! We need to simplify so that we can find the real stuff we need when we look for it, am I right?

Just the other day I went in search of something in the kitchen closet, a stupid closet that is behind a door – you have to practically climb in it to reach the back shelves, who builds these things? 😀 I started to pull out old phone books, why do they still make these –


Thank goodness I only had some as old as 2014. I found warranty papers  and user manuals for things I don’t even own anymore. I did manage to get that shelve all nice and tidy but there are three more waaayyyy up there. I’ll bet there are even crayons, models and other cute kid stuff…the kid is about to be 19. Ha!

Here it starts and I want to be DONE by June 15th. Can I do it? 1000 things – 1000!!!!!!

I went to yard sales and got a bag full of nice clothes, two picket fence pieces for the garden, a drying rack for herbs, a book, a foodsaver and a blender. Sooooo we must get rid of at least that much in stuff I don’t need.

To donate:


1 old blender, maybe someone can fix the motor otherwise the carafe part is perfect

1 pkg of halloween goody bags

2 koozies – never used these


4 decorative horse statues

1 bobble head cowboy – kind of creepy!

1 pretty glass ball thingie

AND 1 tote bag that came with my purchased yard sale items, don’t need more of these!!! lol!

stuff2 ELEVEN things gone, many to go!

Who wants to do this with me? You will feel so much lighter without all that clutter!

Happy decluttering,


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