I LOVE living on a farm but seriously somethings happened last month that made wish I lived in an apartment. You know those type of days, weeks or even months that make you question yourself in “why the heck am I doing this???!”

January, shuddering….stay far, far behind and don’t come back!!!


We had company that stayed too long over Christmas through January 2nd with part of them to return only a couple short weeks later. Try training a new puppy, while having a big dog(good old Luke, so patient) AND an extra dog for a few weeks as a visitor. OK people I know some of you have three or more dogs but sheeshhh, two is plenty for this gal!!!!

On top of that, I had a very sick goat – remember I have only had goats for three months! Poor Cookies was so sick, he was weak and had a neurological disease so he had issues walking straight. Cookies DID recover though after twice a day injections, 4x/day pills(holding his mouth closed when he would try and spit them out), daily wormers, numerous supplements – yada, yada, yada. I tending to this goat every couple hours to make sure he was ok and take care of the other goat as well. I knew he was getting better when I could no longer hold him to give him injections. He was tired of becoming a pin cushion, I was definitely tired of wrestling an animal by myself while trying not to accidentally inject myself- the thought of that nasty antibiotic…yuck, at least the other injection was vitamins, that would not have killed me. My hubby and I argued most days when we had to move the goat pen, weekly – 7 panels that were 16 feet each. What was I thinking?! We were over it.


With the goat episode, I realized I am not ready to be a goat mama and was lucky enough to find a good, loving home for the boys – of course after Cookies was better.


Thunder Pookie, the puppy, has become obsessed with the chickens and the chicken yard. She now is too big but a few weeks ago she could crawl under the chicken wire and get into the chicken yard to eat various things, mainly poop! Yuck! I had to watch when I put feed in there because she would go get a bite of that too, sigh. I feel like I said NO eighty- million times to the puppy, to the cats, to the horses, to the guest doggie.

One day I found Tina, my horse, in the goat pen!

She is a good girl!

Yep she walked right through the tiny opening, which I left open accidentally. Thank goodness she is easy to get out of places like that although she wouldn’t just come when I called her….because I realized she was caught in the briars. She stood patiently for me to cut the briars away from her legs and walk her on out of the pen. Easy, peasy? NO!!!! As I am walking out of the pen, with her at my side, I step and hear a yelp…from Thunder Pookie because I stepped on her foot. Automatically I step the opposite direction right into the path of Tina’s hoof on top of my foot. Ow!!!!

Yeah, I think I broke my toe. Thank goodness there was a lot of mud so my foot did sink down in my rubber boots. As I limp inside, I think of the commercial – “Oh My, Calgon, Take Me Away!!!” I assessed the situation and could not move the three smaller toes, nor could I walk very well, so I put comfrey salve all over it and took 4 arnica pills and continued this all day with ice. Hubby comes home and asks if I need to go to the hospital – “Heck NO – I will fix it!” Heeheehee – 😀 AND the next day I woke up after being woke up by hubby at 5:00am because guest doggie had an accident all over my carpet(was just cleaned by Citrus Solution) and he needed help cleaning it up. Poor guy – not what you want to find when you first wake up. I realized as I am moving around whoa…my foot is much better! Good old comfrey – the best stuff on the planet!

So now that you heard my drama for January, you know why I was wishing I lived in a teeny, tiny apartment or tiny house with nothing but myself, hubby and a couple pets to take care of.

tiny house

Sometimes we just have meltdowns, no one is perfect! AS long as the meltdowns don’t occur too often. 😉 Am I right?

The ending to all that drama? A friend taught an amazing soap class here and now I can create a few herbal soaps to match my herbal salves – so excited!!! We made a vegetable based soap, at my request, that included canola, vegetable shortening, coconut oil, castor oil, palm kernel oil flakes and beeswax. I added oats, goats milk powder and frankincense essential oil to my first batch and the next day I made it with raw cacao powder and roses with rose geranium oil. I will be posting all the pics and step by step of what we did tomorrow.

I am fine now…thinking of Spring and all the wonderful growing things that will come our way – Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.

Goodbye January, see you next year. Hello February and Hello almost Spring!

Have a beautiful day friends –


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