January, the month of making promises, goals, thinking of new ideas, planning for the future…whatever you call it. January is THE biggest month of the year to change what you have been doing all along and do something ELSE that is productive for you and your family.


About a year and a half ago I ran a 23 day Frugal Living Challenge that was inspired by Andrea at Frugally Sustainable. Now I did not pay off a ridiculous size debt, although that would have been a nice bonus but I did save money and spent a whole lot less than normal! THIS year I would love to pay off some debt especially now that the kid is in college and we have an extra $500/month expense for it – yikes! THANK GOODNESS we have no car payments!

My friend Michele is running a Frugal Finances in 201 on Facebook if you would like to check it out here. While I am not running an “official challenge” this month I will be posting all throughout the month money saving ideas as well as goals that I set and accomplish. If you want to check out my 23 Day Challenge, you will find lots of cool ideas.

Here are some great ideas from Growing Slower Blog

Of course buying your seasoning and spices in bulk really will save money instead of buying those tiny jars at the grocery store for $3-6 a piece!!! You can get waaaayyy more and organic for a better price at Mountain Rose Herbs.

While on topic of spices, wouldn’t you love to make your own seasoning and dressing blends instead of buying those little $1.50 packets that are full of preservatives and other junk? My ranch recipe is delish and originally it came from the Tightwad Gazette – YEARS ago!!!! I love this book so much, it is dogeared, written in, paperclipped, highlighted – serious love! Here is a video that is encouraging from Amy Dacyczyn herself.

Ancient – fabulous book!

What is your favorite tightwad recipe or tip? Please share in the comments.

Happy New Year my friends!


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