It’s that time of year folks! Hustling, bustling running on fumes and trying NOT to get sick!!! By drinking this tea blend, you will add a shield of immunity all around you and hopefully keep you from getting a full blown cold.

winter tea

I cannot take credit for this amazing tea, it originally came from the Herbalista. 🙂 When you get a minute check out her wonderful site here and all that she does for the community!

Winter Immune Tea adapted from the Herbalista

This tea is measured in parts by weight but if you cannot weigh each part, add alot less of the heavier herbs like cinnamon chips, ginger root and licorice root. And more of the very light herbs – mullein, nettle

winter tea 2

You can find all of the herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs, just click the herbs in the recipe.

Blend all together in a jar. I use 1/2 cup measuring cup as my “1 part”

To make, use 1 tablespoons of blend to 1 cup boiled water. Cover and steep for 15 minutes. Taste before sweetening because the licorice root is a natural sweetener.

Here are some more amazing things you can do to stay healthy this season along with recipes from an older post – HERE



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