“What’s it like for a day in your life, Anne-Marie?” This question was asked by a good friend of mine last week while we were catching up up on life.

Well I mentioned an average day of what I do but didn’t really think about everything I do for an entire day! Have you ever tried to write down every chore you did throughout your day? I bet you would be surprised at the amount one person can accomplish or NOT accomplish in a 15 hourish span.

Here is what A Day in The Life of Anne-Marie looked like a few days ago:

Got up at 6:30am – late for me but John had to go in to work an hour later this week. Had a quick cup of coffee waiting for the sun to come up. I eat a fast snack – handful of almonds and a cheese stick. Started a load of laundry.


7:00am Off to the barn to feed critters. Fed the chickens, filled their water buckets, fed horses and closed their stalls. Let goats outs to go to their “yard” and NOT run into the horses stall to see what they got. 😀

Luke leading the goats to their pen. Good doggie!!!



Come on ma!
Come on ma!

I get to the pen and realize they finished all the good eats so I MUST move it to a new grazing area, sigh…..it has only been 4 days since we moved it last time. Each panel is 16 foot long and the process takes about 1.5- 2 hours because I have to move them through briars and make paths for them to fit in and for me to walk through without getting all ripped up from those pesky briars! Being taller would DEFINITELY come in handy here.


My little goats do a great job of eating all the leaves from poison ivy, privet, kudzu, blackberry and more but they do leave behind the stems which get in the way as you walk through them. That is a project for another day!

While I relocate the panels, Cookies and Cream roam close by to graze and sometimes a little toooooo close by and I mean exactly on the panels that I am trying to move or in the goat shelter as I move it – ha!


Cream happy as a clam!!!
Cream happy as a clam!!!

13 14 16

silly goats gotta stick their heads out!
silly goats gotta stick their heads out!


Finally all 6 panels are moved, staked, zip tied and I need…a…break.

My faithful companion –


Whoa it’s about 10:00 and I am STARVING!!! O wait! I forgot, I have to take my mushroom water tub(Red metal tub in the background) that was a temporary watering thingy for the goats and move it back to the mushroom logs. Over the fences and through the garden(my short cut).

I added four logs to the tank to soak for 24 hours so I can have some shiitakes soon.
I added four logs to the tank to soak for 24 hours so I can have some shiitakes soon.

Checked on the other logs…

Time for a real breakfast. And more coffee – one was not enough. Hmmm I think I will make some eggs.


While enjoying a much needed break, I catch up on a few emails. Start my power point for this Saturday’s Mushroom Workshop. Fold laundry, start another load.

Now I must mend a fence so the horses can go out in the pasture. One of our horses plays this game of seeing how many times he can squeeze his big quarter horse body through two fence boards…sigh…


Not MY horse –

She is a good girl!
She is a good girl!
Caught in the act
Caught in the act

Finally I get in the shower so I can look “normal to go out” and feel better too!

I have to run errands, visit the grocery store and meet a friend to exchange vitex berries for strawberry plants. I am so excited to get strawberry plants. 😀 We met at Growers Outlet, I was determined not to buy anything there but managed to get some kale and swiss chard – they were only a dollar each!!!!

These will NOT be planted today.

Afternoon outing for the chickens. They usually get about 3-4 hours to go run around anywhere they want EXCEPT the gardens. I don’t let them free range all day because of predators.

27 9


I finished my power point for Saturday and typed up preliminary outline for a last minute class on Nutrition that I am doing for a Home Health Care company in two days.

Time to start the feeding process again! I get the horses fed and locked up again and place a small amount of feed in the goat’s stall and leave the door open. They know the way home.




Now dinner for us – John should be home in about an hour.

Homemade sauce(from the freezer) with added meatballs is on the menu. Pasta for the man and zucchini noodles for me. Homemade Italian wheat rolls. Yum!


Clean up, close chicken house, prepare honey’s lunch for tomorrow and I am DONE!!!

So what did YOU do today? ;

Enjoy your week,


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I loved reading of your day!! I think you have more energy that I usually do, but I love doing all the animal stuff!! Your goats are so cute. I would love to have your recipe for the Italian wholewheat rolls. Looked yummy!! Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann


Oh sure thing Mary Ann!
3 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup bread flour
1.25 tsp kosher salt
1.25 tsp yeast
approximately 2 cups warm water.
Mix all dry ingredients well. Add water to make a wet looking dough, not too wet but add more water if dry.
Cover loosely with lid or plastic wrap and let rise in bowl for two hours. At this point you can either roll out dough or put in the fridge for up to 10 days. I refrigerate for at least an hour. Then for rolls, scoop out small amounts using floured hands and quickly, lightly shape into a ball. Set onto parchment lined tray. Just make what you need. I think this recipe made about 10 ish.
Meanwhile, preheat oven with a baking stone in it to 450o. Allow rolls to rise about 20 minutes while oven is getting hot. Place a jellyroll or sheet pan on rack under stone. Slide parchment with rolls onto stone. Add 1 cup HOT water to bottom pan. Close door and bake about 22-24 minutes.

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