Goats on the Farm!

Well I finally did it! Our new additions are Goats on the Farm. 😀

20151014_073546 (1024x576)

These two little guys are so stinking cute!!! Why do I have goats you ask? The opportunity came up, I have room, I need overgrowth of privet, briars, blackberry, poison ivy, kudzu to disappear, they are cute, just because, never had goats and why not?!

It may also have to do with the fact that the kid is now in college and I want SOMETHING else to love and take care of. I did not say SOMEONE cause we are not having any more children or any other people in the house.

Dear hubby said yes and I was excited 😀 We had to get more fencing to make a temporary, movable paddock and could not do electric because there is just too much brush to get in the way. We decided on the cattle panels AND the best part? One of my sweet friends bartered 6 panels with me. Cool and happy, happy, happy.

Then the housing part…the goats would go in the barn at night but during the day,  they needed a shelter that could be moved as we moved the paddock. John found a big piece of some kind of bendable heavy duty plastic sheeting and attached it to the bottom of the “future” chicken tractor, well maybe now just a permanent goat shelter.

Adding and moving some of the boards from the base of chicken tractor
Adding and moving some of the boards from the base of chicken tractor
bending the plastic to fit
bending the plastic to fit
securing with wood
securing with wood
Johnny in the house!
Johnny in the house!


Everything was put into place before the goats arrived. I put a water trough in the paddock a water bucket in their stall with shavings.

The goat yard
The goat yard

Some feed in case we need it – I think they’ll have enough with the weeds. Finally they are here!!!

Meet the goats – Cookies and Cream.

20151014_073718 (1024x576)

20151013_192433 (1024x576)

Not sure yet of the barn upon arrival. Nervous mama here.

Happily foraging in their paddock.

20151014_072338 (1024x576) 20151014_072351 (1024x576)

Checking out the house –


I go out every hour or so to check on them but I can also see them from where I am typing this post. So happy – bliss – love this life!




7 thoughts on “Goats on the Farm!

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  1. Goats are fun but they’re also God’s escape artists! LOL
    If you can, find something that can become Goat Mountain (an old utility cable spool (fill in the holes), a kid’s outdoor toy fort & slide or a BIG rock — cuz if you don’t provide something to be Goat Mountain, they’ll invent one and you may not like their choice 😉


  2. Before you know it they will be climbing your little cover. Don’t forget to give them 24/7 access to Bermuda Hay, greasy water, minerals ( loose/ not in a block) and baking soda.
    The grass nutrition will be falling off and the weeds will die back so that is the reason for the hay bales.
    If you are changing their diet please do it slowly. Their four stumics need to change slowly. That’s the reason for available backing soda.
    We feed ours a sweet feed (Goat Chow) a half cup in the morning and a half cup at night.
    Also have apple molasses arisen horse cockies to motive and train.
    Have fun. : )


    1. Thanks Sue! I do have a full water trough, baking soda in a dish, hay in their barn stall and they have plenty to eat! They weren’t interested in the sweet feed this morning but I will only give them a tiny bit. Will get some cookies too!!! 🙂


  3. What a wonderful “mom” and “dad” you and husband are!
    As a teenager my best friend raised goats and sheep. I loved staying at her house and playing and learning about them. They each had their own personalities. Enjoy your Cookies and Cream.


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