Do you shop at TJ Maxx for anything? Every so often I go in there to look for some clothing or towels or something cause it is a fast in and out. Well most of the time.

Yesterday I was on the hunt for a rain jacket for my son. Why the heck don’t stores have raincoats anymore? Yeah they have those fold up, squish up in a little bag ponchos but an actual men’s raincoat. Ha! Nope had to get one on Amazon.

BUT….what I DID find at the store was pretty awesome! Do you ever look at the food section at TJ Maxx? Did you realize they have good organic snacks, coffees, dried foods etc? Whoa here is just a small section –


Then I saw the C-L-E-A-R-A-N-C-E section – wow, just wow! I was in heaven.


I got organic cocoa nibs for $4/8 oz pkg.


Goji Berries for $5/5 oz. Organic

12 oz. Amaranth $2.50

Granola – can’t remember price and the best deal?

7 oz pkg of organic, non gmo Raw Maca powder for $9.50!!! Normally this is around $40 per pound


So even though I did not need to spend any money, I got things I will eat and use for more than 70%off. Celebrate, celebrate…dance to the music!!

Thought you would get a kick out of that. 😉



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So cool! Love finding deals like that :).


A few months I had the same experienc in there. I went in looking for a kitchen item & really got side-tracked with all the organic type stuff. Also got Tea Tree Oil , Coconut Oil, Ginger candy for travel health & some wonderful coffees & teas. Maybe we need to get the word out! THanks for sharing. Mary Ann Cauthen

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