Time is flying by this year! I have no idea where it went. I had been wanting to post garden pictures for weeks now and life has been crazy busy!!!

Here is what has been growing on the farm!

My horse arena was turned into the new Medicinal Garden: here is a pic from March.

new garden

Empty!!! Now……

summer garden
filled with goodness!!!
Rosemary bush by the house 🙂
Hops are 4 ft tall!!!!
holy basil2
Holy Basil – Krishna and Vana
holy basil1
Holy Basil – Krishna and Rama
hibiscus roselle
Hibiscus Roselle
gotu kola
Gotu Kola creeping along!
Burdock and Gotu Kola
Vitex Agnus-castus – stunning!!! Aka – chastetree.

OK now for the Butterfly Garden – BEFORE:

butterfly before
Start of butterfly garden in MAY



We have in it: Passionflower, butterfly weed, lemon verbena, scented geranium, salvia, dill, parsley, black eyed susan, daisies and more stuff!!!

Some Passionflower vines and Black Eyed Susans
butterfly weed
Butterfly Weed
salvia and passionflower
salvia and passionflower
Lemon Verbena - soooooo sweet and beautiful smelling
Lemon Verbena – soooooo sweet and beautiful smelling
A Baby Mimosa Tree
A Baby Mimosa Tree

So blessed!!!!

On the way in from taking some pictures, I grabbed a handful of plump, juicy raspberries.


Delish! Hope you have enjoyed my pics, have a beautiful day!!!


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I love it!! You’re garden is beautiful!! How did the start the gotu kola? I want to grow some at my house!


Thank you! I bought a tiny gotu kola plant at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville in April(March?) and at first it barely grew THEN it just creeped all over the raised bed!!!


Oh cool! Just glad to know it can grow here :).


Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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