Snakes, some people love them and some people hate them. I am one of the latter.

Seriously, I cannot even think about being anywhere near a snake. I don’t like the looks of them, the feel of them, their slithery way of getting around, none of it!

How do you keep snakes away? I know they NEED to be around to get the mice, rats and the bad snakes but even black snakes have to go when they start eating my chicks and my eggs. Those critters cannot share and co-habitate with my hens – no freaking way!

A few days ago, I purchased some Snake-Be-Gon which is all natural and made with essential oils of clove, geranium and a couple other ingredients. I sprinkled it around the baby house and again after the rain and then part way around the big hen house, especially  under the front where critters can hide.

evidentially, it did not work at keeping them out or it worked too well and kept them in where they could not get. I don’t believe that last part but I have been noticing the last three days we had no eggs in the house and one or two outside in the hen’s yard.

Hmmmmm…. Tonight I go out to close up the trap door on the house and I saw two of the hens looking up to the roof. I look up and lo and behold a big, fat snake!!! Of course I ran to the house and got my hubby. He and the kid came out with a bucket, something to catch the snake(the fireplace tong thingies), a machete(just in case) and a flash light since it was getting dark. Sorry I have no pictures – my phone was in the house!!!

John got them out and in the bucket with a lid(with holes) and tomorrow they will be relocated far, far away from here like in the next town. Ha!

So I go online just to check what else keeps snakes away and I find out that planting lemongrass keeps them away because they don’t like the smell. I do love lemongrass but remember the fiasco from the harvest and digging out the lemongrass? Click here if you want to read it. Just in case you don’t know, lemongrass is an annual here in GA and digging up is a bear to say the least BUT I will take it!

Lemongrass (Cymopogon citratus) from two years ago.

What else keeps snakes away? Wormwood, Garlic, Cinnamon & Clove oil and Andrographis(although I do not know if that can grow here).

Wormwood (Artemisia)
snake be gon
Snake B Gon

Well folks, enough excitement for me tonight! Enjoy your eve, time for night, night. Zzzzzzz


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The ‘old timers’ used powdered lime sprinkled where you don’t want them to cross , it is cheap at tractor supply, I have not seen snake at my barn in past 2+ years

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Thanks Linda! I will try that. 🙂


Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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