What do you think of farm chores? Sometimes I wonder about those that live in a subdivision with a tiny yard, never wanting to step foot in a farm, what do they do all day? Most probably have the cleanest house – worth of being in the pages of Southern Living magazine with everything orderly, in perfect shape with pillows that have that puffed up look then a crease in the top, staged ever so perfectly on the sofa. HA!

You won’t find that here. 🙂 Yes my house is clean, somewhat neat, sometimes cluttered but it only takes a bit of effort to make it “company” ready. I would rather go outside and clean stalls, move hay, plant, weed, hike – A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G but clean and primp for a picture perfect house.

It was freezing the day I took these pictures but I laugh now thinking back to the picture that went around facebook below – that is what I felt like and needed to get outside!

screw it gardening


I did go out in the garden to play with the beds adding food scraps, compost, layers etc…

garden compost hole


First I dug a hole in one of the raised beds with my small hoe/rake thingy(LOVE this tool!), then I dumped in the kitchen scraps.

garden compost


Covered it up with dirt and added a layer of straw –

garden layer straw


Covered that layer with compost – here is a pic of the compost pile but I forgot to take one when I covered the bed. 😀



My hens do the turning for me –

manure chickens

Then a layer of leaves –




Look what I found growing?!

gardenbrussel sprouts!!!!

On to take the tarp off the hay and move it around cause it got wet a bit from the ice – boo. 🙁

Finally Tina does what she does best – EAT!



Love my horse 🙂

By this time my hands were frozen so done for the day! Hope you have a beautiful day today in whatever you do!




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