Have you ever had food on your face? I am sure we all have at one time or another, I mean….ON PURPOSE. 🙂

I have not put a face mask on in a few months and with all this winter weather and dry indoor heat, I was definitely needing some pampering. A couple days ago, I got an incredible amount of organic bananas, like 5 pounds or maybe 6, A-LOT! We do eat a bunch a week, no pun intended but I did not want them to go bad so I made 2 dozen banana chocolate chip muffins, put a few pounds of the bananas out for us to eat, froze a pound or two and then used one for a mask.

Bananas are wonderful for your face, especially dry, aging face with wrinkles. Along with the bananas I mixed in honey and plain yogurt sooooo if I got hungry while applying the mask to my face, I could eat it! Hee Hee…except I do not like yogurt – shuddering…

Yes you get to see me with the mask on.

Here is the recipe: Banana Face Mask

1 banana smashed up

1 teaspoon honey 

1 -2 teaspoons plain greek yogurt.

smash that banana
smash that banana


Mix it all, do the hokie pokie(just kidding.)



AND apply it to your clean face.



Leave it on for 20 minutes looking like someone from the Walking Dead with a melted face. After the 20 minutes wash off with warm water and a face cloth. NICE soft glowing skin!



Enjoy –


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