What’s Your Favorite Seeds?

Today is cold and windy and just blah! Or it could be blah because I have company in my house that has been here for over two weeks now!!! 😀

Only about 60 days til Spring – yippee!

Spring garden 010 (1024x768)

I am digging out my seed catalogs to narrow down my selections of what to order. What’s your favorite seed to order? Ha, or should I say what are your favorite SEEDS, cause you can not just have one….like an m&m, no one can eat just one m&m.

botanicalinterests butterfly weed

I have a Seed Savers Catalog and a Horizon Herb Catalog and now I am about to venture into the web site of Botanical Interests. Have you ever bought their seeds? I have a couple from them and they come highly recommended so if you check out all of their wonderful choices!

I have a giant wish list from Botanical Interests!!! Here is one that I am going to order:

botanicalinterest butterfly

Bring Home the Butterflies Seeds (LG)

Assorted Genera and species

Item #7009


Annuals, biennials and perennials. It’s easy to convert your garden into a private retreat for native butterflies. Butterflies use plants during each stage of their life cycle – egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis) and adult (butterfly). This mix includes plants for their entire life cycle, and will attract a great number and variety of native butterflies.


Mexican Lupine (A) . . 30%
Purple Coneflower (P) . . 3%
Mexican Sunflower (A). . 7%
Calendula (A) . . 7%
Cosmos (A) . . 7%
Camellia, Balsam. (A) . . 6%
Pincushion Flower (A) . . 2%
Borage (A) . . 5%
Sunset Flower (A) . . 4%
Parsley (B) . . 3%
Cornflower (A) . . 4%
Clover, Crimson (A) . . 4%
Blazing Star (P) . . 4%
Coreopsis, Lance-leaved (P) . . 2%
Prairie Gayfeather (P) . . 2%
Sweet Sultan (A) . . 2%
Sweet William (B) . . 1.5%
Aster, Rainbow Mix (A) . . 1%
Black-Eyed Susan (A) . . 0.5%
Dill, Common (A). . 0.5%
Snapdragon (A). . 1%
Yarrow (P) . . 1%
Sneezeweed (P) . . 0.5%
Bishops Flower (A) . . 0.5%
Lemon Mint(A) . . 0.5%
Rocky Mtn. Bee Plant (A) . . 0.5%
Verbena, Tall (A) . . 0.5%

A-Annual, B-Biennial, P-Perennial

Also I just ordered from Le Jardin du Gourmet because you can buy tiny seed packages when you want to try certain plants without investing tons of money. The sample packs are only 40 cents each – amazing!!! They are not in fancy packages, very plain envelopes. Some do not have planting instructions and you must check on their web site on how and when to plant but heck, for that price, who cares!

I am going to grow all of these this year – some I already have but want more!!!

Echinacea, Lavender, Chamomile, Holy Basil, Lemongrass, Ashwagandha, Hibiscus,

Butterfly Weed, Lemon Verbena, Burdock, Comfrey, Calendula, Sunflowers,

Garlic, Roses, Mints, Rosemary, Bee Balm, all culinary herbs, oh my and sooooo much more. 🙂

Meanwhile, I will look at my catalogs and make a nice herbal tea maybe a mix of peppermint, rose and hibiscus, mmmmmmmm!

What will you be growing this year?

Enjoy your day today –



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