Herbs in Chocolate

Chocolate, Cocoa, Cacao….however you say it, it is delicious! On Saturday I taught a class here on Herbal Chocolates. You heard me right HERBS and CHOCOLATE together. 🙂

First of all if you did not already know, Chocolate or Cacao(Theobroma cacao) is medicinal all in it’s self. It elevates mood, stimulates(only half the caffeine of coffee), increases seratonin levels, high in nutrition, when eaten as raw cacao and here is a new one that I had no idea about: Chocolate relaxes bronchial spasms! WOW! So yes your chocolate can be in your cough syrup too!

Here is a delicious cough syrup remedy that is decadently delicious.

choc syrup3

choc syrup1

Chocolate Cough Syrup

2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder

2 Tablespoons Raw Honey

120 drops of a Lung Support Tincture I used one from Sprout’s – here is a pic to show the herbs in it:

choc syrup2

Mix it all together in a 4 ounce jelly jar. Start to finish, about 2 minutes. Dose is 1 teaspoon 3 times a day to help coughing. Children can take this too but depending on age, you would have to reduce the dosage. 

A good rule for children’s dosages is: Add 12 to the child’s age then divide the child’s age by that number. Example: 4 year old child. Add 4 to 12 = 16 Divide 4/16 = .25 so a four year old’s dose is 1/4th an adult dose.

We also infused dark chocolate with herbs, see recipe here

Our next chocolate creation – and I am so sorry I did not take pictures of each step but when I make them again this week, I will add the photos. 😀

Here is our finished product:

choc stress balls

Chocolate Stress Balls – recipe adapted from Rosemary Gladstar’s Zoom Balls

These are a great way to take your herbs – and to hide them from our family in delicious chocolately form. 😉

3 cups Tahini

1 cup almond butter

2 cups honey

2 ounces Eleuthero Root powder – helps stress, increases stamina and endurance, good for adrenal fatigue and strengthens the immune system.

1 ounce Nettle leaf powder – high in vitamins, protein and iron, for energy, hair loss and is a blood tonic

2 ounces Ashwagandha powder – for fatigue, reproductive health, longevity, hypothyrodism

1 ounce Hawthorn Berry powder – heart tonic!

1 tsp. ginger

2 tsp. cardamom powder

1 tsp. cinnamon

½ cup chopped dried fruits

¼ cup mini chocolate chips

½ cup chopped nuts

2 ounces cocoa powder – enough to thicken

½ cup dried or toasted coconut

Mix tahini & almond butter. Add honey – you want it sweeter than you think at this point. Add the herbs one at a time and mix well. This does take awhile. Add the cocoa powder but not all at once! You want it thick, good consistency to roll but not gooey. Add fruits and nuts. Roll into balls – 1” size or golf ball size. Roll in cocoa, coconut or hawthorn berry powder. Eat two small ones or 1 large one per day. Keeps in airtight container in the refrigerator for a couple weeks. Makes approximately 80-90 balls.
Wildcrafting Wednesday
Enjoy these recipes, do you have any herbal chocolate recipes to share?



7 thoughts on “Herbs in Chocolate

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  1. Here’s my recipe for adaptogen chocolates:

    Herbal chocolates
    ½ cup mixed cocoa powder and mild tasting adaptogenic herbs (maca, codonopsis, eleuthero)
    at least ½ of the mixture should be cocoa powder
    cocoa that has not been alkalized is best
    ½ cup parts coconut oil
    1 Tbsp honey
    raw is best
    ½ tsp vanilla extract
    dash salt
    ½ cup chopped raw nuts or dried fruits
    Combine cocoa, powdered herbs, coconut oil and honey in a heat –proof container, for example a pyres bowl. Place in a pan of hot (not boiling) water until the coconut oil melts. Add vanilla and salt, and stir to combine powders and oil fully. Add nuts and dried fruit, then spoon into mini paper baking cups. Cool.


    1. Hi Rita – I bought it at the local Sprouts store but I am sure you can get it online OR another lung formula tincture. A few good companies that I use are mountain rose herbs, herbalist & alchemist and herb pharm. 🙂


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