With the new year, we all – well many start to think about shedding the unwanted weight from the holidays. I know I can stand to lose 5-10 pounds for sure!

Last January I began the Trim Healthy Mama plan and did pretty well on it but it only lasted for a couple months. Sigh…However I will not beat myself up over it because I restarted it again but somewhat modified. Regardless of what type of food plan you do to stay healthy or lose weight, just keep the food real – no franken foods!

The hardest part of dieting is the indulgence of something sweet and decadent and warm. Not necessarily cookies, candies or cakes just something good so I found a cool recipe for hot chocolate and modified it a bit.

It is beautifully thick and rich and frothy..oh …my…goodness!

hot cocoa

Holy moly this is crazy delicious!!! You THINK you are being bad but it is not. Of course you can add whipped cream and more shaved chocolate. 😀

It fits into Trim Healthy Mama too. 😉


Peppermint Mocha Hot Cocoa

Make two 10 ounce cups of cocoa

1 cup of hot coffee

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

1 teaspoon Maca powder(super food) – this may not be THM?

2 heaping teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon glucomanann powder(not necessary but the THM folks use it for thickness, weight loss etc) Try it!!

splash of vanilla extract

1 drop peppermint essential oil OR 2-3 drops peppermint extract (but many of these have crazy ingredients unless you make your own)

1 packet of truvia

1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate whey powder(low sugar)

OK first heat up the milk and coffee until really hot. Add to a blender along with maca powder, glucomanann, if using, vanilla, peppermint, cocoa powder and truvia. NOT the whey yet.

Blend up really well – like 1 minute. You NEED the gluccie to mix in well otherwise it will gel.

Now add the whey and blend again another minute until it is thicker and frothy. Add homemade whipped cream(mine sunk to the bottom) and shave some super dark chocolate on top. Oooohhhh you will think you died and went to heaven.



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