You know the old saying…Out With The Old and In With The New. BUT mine is just plain OUT WITH THE OLD!!! Not getting any new here right now however I am cleaning out all the crappity crap that seems to get stuffed here and there throughout the year.

A friend of mine has posted a new challenge on facebook – it is a group called Frugal Finances in 2015 – so feel free to ask to join on the group, we just started a couple days ago. Our first task was to write down our “Approved Spending List” and figure what our spending Freeze will be. No…extra…spending…period. Remember we did a similar challenge back in the summer? Well I need a little boost this time of year, especially after the craziness of gluttonous spending in December. Uggghhhh.

crazy woman

Yep – feel like that but moving on..:)

I decided to purge things after packing the Christmas tree on January 1st – repacked all the decorations neatly and threw away or am giving away any ornament we don’t use, anything broken, any doubles. I then straightened up the attic – only the part the Christmas decorations were in, not tackling the whole dang place. I reduces by boxes by about 4, at least I have 4 extra storage tubs – yippee. I moved to the garage and replaced some cardboard boxes with the tubs and rearranged a few things in there. Then my dear hubby swept the garage and neatened even more. Yay!!!

Today my goal was to clear out all freezers and refrigerators, yeah all, you know you are a homesteader when you have more than two freezers or refrigerators!! By cleaning out I can figure out what I do have and use it up before spending money on more. 😀

But I had a killer headache this morning, one of the worst I have had in almost 3 years so I rested, drank tea, had a head massage – yay again for my honey and then after lunch I was up for the challenge. Sigh – BIG JOB.

I did not finish but I did clean out the inside refrigerator and freezer and the garage fridge/freezer. Look how nice!!!

inside fridge
inside fridge
outside fridge
outside fridge
outside fridge door - salve oils
outside fridge door – salve oils

Oh and who needs to buy canning jars…just clean out the refrigerator!!!! Hahahahaha

oh my goodness jars!!!
oh my goodness jars!!!

Now tomorrow to tackle the big chest freezer which is completely full!! Thank goodness most of it is meat and fish but I am sure to find some casseroles and mystery sauces from earlier this year.

Well I hope you do not think I am too weird now. Gosh I just showed my pictures of my inside of my fridge – whoa!

So what do you have on your list to do for the New Year?


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LOL!!! I cleaned out my big freezer and my inside fridge and freezer as well. Cleaned the stove and countertops as well. I’ll tackle the garage fridge/freezer tomorrow once I thaw out. Now that the fam has moved back into their house, I need to get busy rearranging and moving things around. So much to do…


Thank goodness for a new year to inspire us each year otherwise we might become hoarders!!! 🙂

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