Last month, a friend of mine posted a recipe for a headache and migraine herbal tea and I made the blend up for her.

I decided I needed to try this “headache tea” to make sure it worked and guess what? It DID!!! I had this horrible headache Friday after eating a bunch of sweets on Thursday, I mean a BUNCH!

Here is the recipe so you can make it too as I am sure there are a few headaches this time of year during all the Christmas madness of shopping, wrapping, mailing and entertaining guests. Enjoy it – 🙂


Herbal Headache Tea

8 parts Red Raspberry Leaf

3 parts Alfalfa Leaf

3 parts Peppermint Leaf

2 parts Stinging Nettle Leaf

Find all of these herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs here

The parts can be anything you are measuring with, for example, I used tablespoons for each part so I ended up with 16 tablespoons in total. Put all the herbs in a glass jar and mix well – don’t forget the label otherwise it will be mystery tea. 😀

headache tea1

isn't it pretty?
isn’t it pretty?

Use 2 teaspoons to one tablespoon per cup of boiling water. Steep 10 minutes – covered and strain. Drink as needed during your headache until it feels better. I drank 2 1/2 cups before I felt good.

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Woah! This looks like a great tea. I have everything but the alfalfa… Do you know if oat straw or horsetail would be a good substitute? Chris had a headache yesterday so I will keep this in mind.


Hi Noelle,
You can try the oatstraw but I believe the alfalfa works because it is so nutrient dense. Try the oatstraw anyway until you can get the alfalfa. I got mine from Bulk Herb but I wonder if the alfafa cubes they sell at the feed store would work in a pinch. It sure looks the same. 🙂

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