Stop And Smell The Kudzu

As I am harvesting Kudzu Flowers once again, I thought about the following post I did a couple of years ago. Enjoy it! AM πŸ™‚

Bella Vista Farm

How come I have never really noticed the kudzu flowers? Or the persimmons ripening in the fall to an orange glow? Or the beautiful purple passion flowers that the carpenter bees love so much?

Up until the past year or two, I never thought to stop and smell the kudzu flowers with their delightful, grape jelly-like fragrance. This week, I will harvest those beauties and make kudzu flower jelly!

But why don’t we slow down more? Around us, there is so much beauty to reveal in if we actually take the time to see it. Maybe some don’t want to see it, maybe they like the concrete, the roads, metal cars, glass and brick buildings, the air conditioning, a small cubicle in an office, enough said. Me? My eyes are wide open to the beauty that God has put before us and I will continue to stop and smell the…

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