Today I want to discuss with you – TIME. We all have it, we all waste it, what do you do with it? It is productive most of the time or can you do better with your time management?

After reading a blog from The Simple Dollar, I found a couple of things that peaked my interest for this morning. Time Management stood out to me because I find myself constantly looking for something in the house, for that piece of paper I wrote on, for a book that was misplaced, for a recipe – I can’t remember which book it was in…you get the picture. Yeah as I get older, I can no longer keep every little tidbit of information in the back of my brain! 😀 So I use notebooks for many thoughts, ideas, tasks and notes in general. Notebooks this time of year cost like 10 cents – go get a dozen!!!

I have one labeled for each group I may belong to – Bella Vista Farm,  Herbal Class, Ladies Homestead Gathering, the 23 Day group and then one for Mountain Rose Herbs – orders and such, Recipes, Ideas and now I will keep one in my purse – a tiny one. So when I leave to go to the store I can write a list inside it instead of forgetting the list on the table – uuggghhh. It is not often I do that but it inevitably results in a forgotten item which in turn results in a return trip to the store and wasted gas.

The best time management tip I can give is to make lists – make list of EVERYTHING that needs to get done for the week and then prioritize what needs to be done first and cross off as each task gets done. This makes me feel wonderful!!


Here’s another blog with time management tips.

Of course purging stuff in the house and reorganizing should help with the said lost items I am looking for. How many of you put a piece of paper in a book or somewhere – “for safe keeping” that you swear you will remember where you put it – hahaha! So in the challenge if you have not yet done the purging of unwanted and un-needed items, NOW is the time to do it! Go get a couple boxes worth of stuff to either sell or donate asap. You will feel incredibly lighter and more organized. I started to do it and have two bags/boxes in the garage – that is as far as I got. MUST finish- there is still the basement and the attic.

I really am organized for the most part – I keep a schedule of what I am doing for the week and most things get crossed off the list. Dinner is always on the table by 6:15pm, I am always up by 5:45-6am.

What is your schedule like for the day and where do you find you waste your time? What can you do better? What tips can you give others?

Earlier I mentioned The Simple Dollar – head on over there and read the following- it fits right into our challenge.

Little Steps:100 Great Tips For Saving Money

Now It Is Your Turn:

What is your schedule like for the day and where do you find you waste your time? What can you do better? What tips can you give others?



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