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Sunday is a day of rest for most of us so I don’t want to give you a big challenge for the day. Day 17 is all about sharing recipes. So head on over to the facebook group – 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge and upload some of your favorite recipes and label in the following categories:

1. Best Disguised Leftover Recipe

2. Herbal Remedy

3. Frugal Dessert

4. Preserving Recipe

5. Tips for grocery shopping

6. Tips for gardening

7. Pet Treat Recipe

8. Beauty Care Recipe

9. Homemade Mixes/Dressings

10. Drink Recipe

018 (1024x768)

Cheesy Chicken and Mashed Cauliflower

Please participate in this one with at least one recipe. If each person would do this we would have an amazing resource to share at the end of the challenge. 🙂

Have a beautiful Sunday!



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