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Day 10 was a rest day yesterday with the only real challenge being a Cookie Challenge if you were up for it. Actually you have until the end of today to complete the challenge, which was to bake a frugal cookie recipe using what you have and only purchasing a couple dollars worth of items if needed. We will vote tonight and tomorrow morning on the participants to select a winner. 🙂

Day 11 is all about Raising Frugal Children. 

Is it hard to raise frugal children? I don’t think so but I DO think it is hard raising children, period. Nowadays we have to worry about more bad influences than ever. We have the marketing strategies of fast food companies, toy companies, electronic gadgets, tv, the internet, billboards, you name it – these influences are everywhere you look! Even if you limit the tv and internet which we did when our son was young but now he has unlimited access being 17 years old. Scary. There are so many outside challenges that parents must face as we try and raise good, well mannered, frugal, caring, motivated and confident children.

Years back, we nipped the gimmies in the bud. No I did not deprive my son of a Happy Meal or an occasional toy but we chose the WAY we shopped for that toy instead of going to the big box toy store to pay full price. When my son was old enough to understand the value of a dollar, can’t remember 6-7 yrs old, maybe, we would go yard sale-ing. Well really I ALWAYS went yard sale-ing but by that age, he realized that for $5 at a yard sale, he could clean up in toys!!! The dollar store was another easy way to satisfy the craving. Then came the age of Lego’s, sigh…. so stinking-expensive-legos but we found a way around that too, making them a more frugal purchase. The Lego Store, if it even still exists would offer coupons especially, at Christmas, where you could go in and scratch off to see what the discount was usually resulting in savings of $40-$50. They also had a frequent buyer card and when you had, I think it was $100 in purchase, you got $10 in free stuff??? So each time birthday money came in that is where the money went. Back to those yard sales, as Jonathan got older he starting looking for legos, collectible ones especially, that he could resell for ones he really wanted. Smart kid!

So as he got older into the teen years about when I started to avoid the fast food places like the plague, and he asked me to stop for lunch I would ask, “how much money you got?” After spending his money for a few times, that’s all it took, he realized fast food was not so good anymore. 😀 Of course now and then I do stop for him if he wants something but most of the time eating at home is waaaayyyy better and more economical.

time v money

So here are some way for you to help your children become more frugal:

1. Remember they are watching you! – Children follow by example so lead them by modeling a frugal lifestyle.

2.Homeschool – save money on fancy school clothes and school lunches, yeah you have to buy books but the education is much better.

3. Children’s Bank Account – let your child open his own bank account – savings at first, then a checking account with a debit card so they can learn how to handle their own money.

4. Set limits on electronic game usage – play board games a couple days per week, go outside for a walk as a family, outside anything!!! I am not good at this one!

5. Have your child start a business – Foster any ideas your child might have with a money making business. Many children are creative and have cool ideas, listen to them and help them start their business even if it is having a yard sale to make money for something big. My child started his root beer making 3 years ago because he wanted me to make root beer, I didn’t make the time for it so he figured out the recipe and we bought the stuff to experiment. 🙂

6. Teach your child to always find the best price on anything – Whether it be games, electronics, clothes showing your child that buying a pair of sneakers for $30 is ok vs: those $100 sneakers that are outgrown in 3 months!

Now It’s Your Turn

Daily Goal:
Raising frugal children can be a counter-cultural experience, but the rewards are great!

List out and share with us the benefits that you’ve seen evidenced in your children. What are your tips for raising children to value frugality?

Enjoy your day today!


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