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“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” ~Albert Einstein 

From Day 1, we have defined frugality as the ability to embrace and enjoy what we have.

But in enjoying what we have, as frugalist, we tend to “collect” things, we save EVERYTHING just in case it has a future use. I collect small cardboard boxes for shipping but I fold them flat so they don’t take up room. I save glass jars to repurpose them, bread ties, pieces of random metal – even if it is just a couple of screws and scrap lumber because you never know when you need a piece to fix a fence or the chicken house or make a raised bed. Actually my entire garden was made from repurposed wood and metal!

Oh and magazines – stacks of them. Why oh why, just in case I want to get to reading them which almost never happens. While my house is neat, it is not clutter free. I have stuff, I like stuff but sometimes the stuff just have to go. 🙂

Over the last year or so I have gotten rid of many things that we have held on to only to realize it was of no use to us anymore. Got some cash in the meantime from all that stuff! Our clutter can lead to a major problem, no I don’t mean hoarding, that is entirely more than clutter!!! Did you ever try to find something in your house that you know you put in a drawer for safe keeping? Yeah then you spend hours looking for it? Time wasters – yep that happens when you have clutter, you waste more precious time looking for something rather than doing something productive like can more veggies. Do you really need 7 ladles, 4 colanders, 72 magazines, 5 printers(in case one breaks or in case you need “it” for something) or 12 feed buckets for 2 horses? – Yeah I had the 12 feed buckets, sold 6 kept 6, more practical.


I like getting rid of excess stuff, it makes me feel liberating and the house looks better plus sometimes I make money from it or sometimes it just goes to the Fish as a donation. Everyone wins!

Some ideas for you to try:

1. Go get a laundry basket – walk around the house and collect things that don’t belong in the room where you found them. Return them to the proper place. Try not to back track. There you just straightened up the house. Ahh…breathe a sigh of relief.

2. Now take that laundry basket and collect things from each room that you can do without.

3. Go to another room or the garage or outside with that basket and make three piles: one pile – to sell, one pile – to donate and one pile – to trash oh and you probably need a fourth pile – the maybe keep pile. 🙂

4. Next get some boxes, write with a sharpie for each box the above labels.

5. Spend a couple of days doing this at your leisure. By the end of that time you will have full boxes and need more.

6. Get with friends for a yard sale, sell on ebay or craigslist.

7. Take the trash pile directly to the trash and take the give aways to your donation place – Don’t wait til after the yard sale unless you are bringing those items to a friends house to let her look through otherwise it will pile up and may never go away.

8. Do all of this within the next two – three weeks. 🙂

Here is a web site from the original challenge for you to go check out. It is by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less

Now It’s Your Turn

Daily Goal:
Create a plan for de-cluttering.


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