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Tomorrow is the day! Our 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge will begin but I wanted to give you a heads of  what to expect.

Each day I will have a topic here at Bella Vista Farm which I will also share on the facebook group page. Read the full post and then answer the questions and then post how you plan to reach the daily goal. This is your public accountability – do this every day for success! If you want to send me a private message instead of posting it, that is totally fine with me. 🙂

In addition to the daily goals, I have a couple of BIG goals for you – see if you can do them but please don’t get frustrated. As they say in Trim Healthy Mama, “don’t worry if you ate something not on plan, your next meal is only 3 hours away”, the sames goes for your goals, there is always tomorrow to start over.

#1 Make a small cardboard box

cracker box, tissue box, etc…tape it up good except for a small slit in the top. The tape helps prevent you from going in it anytime you want. This will be your temporary savings box. Anytime you decide to not buy something,  go driving to some place that you really didn’t need to go or eat meals out – take some of the money saved and put it in the box. The amount depends on what you think you can afford comfortably to put away. Let me explain to not stress anyone out. ***If you normally go out 4-5 times a week and spend excess money on things like QT coffees, donuts, fast food, a vending machine, a cool shirt, another pair of shoes, fancy ingredients for a meal when you could have substituted something less expensive that was just as good or whatever the case may be, take a portion of that amount if you decide that day not to spend extra money and put it in the box. Only you know yourself, if everyday you spend $3.50 on breakfast – put that amount in the box or half if that makes it easier.

homemade piggy bank

If you have an extremely tight budget, take just a tiny amount and put it in the box. You will be surprised what you have at the end. I did this many, many years ago when I quit smoking. A group of girls at work all did it together and each day we put the amount we would spend on cigarettes in our container(in which case was a water cooler bottle). At the end of the two months we added it up and spent on something good. It was eye opening! Not saying every penny went in there – some of us were more disciplined than others.

This brings me to the next full 23 day challenge –

#2 No Fast Foods or Eating Out –

Ok don’t quit on me after seeing that one please!!!!!! REMEMBER you will just TRY to do this. No one is going to come after you if you make a mistake and eat out. If your kids want fast food and they are old enough to have their own money – tell them they have to pay for it and take them to the drive thru. I am not mean!!!! It works.

no fast food

The easy one to combat is breakfast at  the drive-thru. Go ahead and make a batch of biscuits, from scratch or from a box or toast english muffins. Make some scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage – put together on the biscuits, wrap individually and freeze. A fast food breakfast in your own freezer, ready in minutes.

I mentioned a prize at the end earlier in the week. At the moment, I am putting together a box of goodies to giveaway to one lucky person or if the box gets big enough a couple of lucky people at the end of the challenge. IF you wish, you can donate an item to be put in the box and get it to me over the next two weeks.
Even if you are out of town, out of state I will mail the box to YOU!!! This is going to be fun, I promise!!!


***Don’t forget to download the Goal Sheets posted yesterday.

Keep me posted on the blog and on facebook. Please share this post with friends, thanks!


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