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In prepping for the 23 Day Frugal Challenge this coming Friday, I thought I would take some ideas from the original challenge and some new ones collected along the way to help you become more frugal. Please leave a comment at the end with a frugal idea you do – just one for now. ūüôā

***Remember frugal does NOT mean: you are a cheapskate or that you are too poor to get it, it is a way of life to not live above your means, to not waste and to not always want the next big thing!*** 

Favorite all time Frugal Living book – The Tightwad Gazette! Does anyone else have this book? Or here is one I NEED to get, maybe from the library – Possum Living: How To Live Well Without A Job by Dolly Freed.

In the 1970s Dolly Freed lived of the land dirt cheap and plum easy. Living in their own house on a half-acre lot outside of Philadelphia for almost five years, Dolly and her father produced their own food and drink and spent roughly $700 each per year. Thirty years later Dolly Freed’s Possum Living is as fascinating and pertinent as it was in 1978. Tin House is reissuing the survivalist classic with a foreword by David Gates and an afterword by the author. After discussing reasons why you should or shouldn’t give up your job, Possum Living gives you details about the cheapest ways with the best results to buy and maintain your home, dress well, cope with the law, stay healthy, and keep up a middle-class facade ‚ÄĒ whether you live in the city, in the suburbs, or in a small town. In a delightful, straightforward style Dolly Freed explains how to be lazy, proud, miserly, and honest, live well and enjoy leisure. She shares her knowledge for what you doneed ‚ÄĒ your own home, for example ‚ÄĒ and what you don’t need ‚ÄĒ such as doctors, lawyers, and insurance. Through her own example, Dolly hopes to inspire you to do some independent thinking about how economics affect the course of your life now and may do so in the coming “age of shortages.” If you ever wondered what it would be like to be in greater control of your own life, Possum Living will show you ‚ÄĒ and help you do it for yourself.

An excerpt from Possum Living –¬†“We live this way for a very simple reason: It’s easier to learn to live without some of the things that money can buy than to earn the money to buy them..”

Some tips to get you started:

1. Use white vinegar, baking soda and lemon essential oil to clean

2. Tea tree essential oil to treat minor ailments – wash wounds, in a vaporizer for colds, treat acne

3. Use honey on wounds

4. Pay bills on time to avoid late fees – bank online

5. Bring library books back on time to avoid fees – *I am bad at this one!!!*

6. Keep a list of clothing sizes and needs for the whole family in your purse or your car so when you stop at thrift stores, yard sales or see an amazing sale at a department store(really amazing sale ) :), you can know what your family needs and get it.

7. Make your own laundry detergent, soap, shampoos, salad dressing mixes, soup mixes, bread, everything just about!

8. Water down fabric softener if using, with vinegar to extend or reuse those dryer sheets. Better yet make your own dryer sheets by using cut up old sheets or towels wet them, wring them out and put a few drops of essential oil on before putting in the dryer.

9. Once a week grocery trips or if you are really disciplined once a MONTH!

10. Buy milk from a local farm, and fruit and veg from a local market, try to stock up wherever possible.

11. Reuse wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags and bows
12.  Stretch ground beef with pureed beans / stewed tomatoes/mushrooms/double amount of veggies going into hot dish, meat never the main part of meal- its a seasoner, and 2 -3 nights a week go meatless entirely

13.  Use vinegar as rinseaid for dishwasher

14. Figure unit price items at store bulk items not always cheapest, also consider how much is actually useful
15. Use plastic grocery bags to line waste cans – I never buy kitchen trash bags!

16. Research and find a bank that doesn’t charge you to use your own money – namely atm fees”

17.  Review all insurance policies annually and price shop for same or better coverage at price you can afford
18. Do your own taxes they are not rocket science and feel free to contact free serevice offered by irs for questions
19. Make annual budget, review and make monthly revisions
20. Use available coupons for items you already buy
21.  Make a monthly menu plan
22.¬†Take staycations over vacations or if you have to “get away” go off season
23.¬†¬†Take care of yourself: sleep, eat, don’t smoke/chew/ drink too much¬†and exercise avoid unnecessary healthcare!
24. From a reader -love this ”¬†take care of car yourself/ barter service I’ve been doing my own oil changes, filling¬†my own fluids¬†and tire changes since i was 14, yes i’m a girl, and love the confidence boost everytime a man watches me know what i’m doing under the hood,lol”
25.¬†also don’t speed and drive rationally many states will be increasing prices for traffic violations this year again, and who needs an accident, visits to hospitals, and higher insurance costs because you decided to cut someone off”

26. Save bread bags and ties. Put compost veggies or farm animal veggies in the bags and bring out daily, throw away the bag – less mess.

Some of my personal favorites Bartering whenever possible

Buy only on sale items and in bulk if it is a really good sale, buy at least two when on sale so you never run out and have to pay double!!!

Reuse everything if you can!!! Save scrap metal and wood, you never know when you may need it.

Eat healthy, drink water instead of juice or soda

Send your spouse to work or yourself with a homemade lunch every day – you will save $25-30 a week – at least!

Bring snacks and drinks with you on errands so you are not tempted to stop and get fast food – shuddering!

Here is your first task for preparing for the challenge – STARTS FRIDAY!!!!

Get a notebook, binder or folder. Print off below – 23 Daily Goals Report Sheets to put into your binder.

****Don’t worry this will be fun, I promise!!!!****



Thanks friends!


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