Does that title look familiar to some of you?

This has weighed heavy on my heart for some time now. Some of you folks have followed Andrea at Frugally Sustainable for the past 3 years, like myself, and have missed her sudden departure from the virtual world. Unfortunately all I know is that a couple of very tragic things happened in her life and I could only imagine. Andrea inspired me to start my very first blog, to become more frugal, to think out of the box and create, to experiment with her many recipes for herbal salves, balms, sprays teas etc…


Archives for her blog here


100_1053                        Box of free veggies, some for the chickens, some for the compost and some for us!!!!

The first time I started following her was during the 23 day Frugal Living Challenge which was a BLAST, to say the least. The turnout was amazing, the people fabulous and the ideas that all shared online were just cool. I am not even sure if Pinterest was out in January of 2011 or how far along you all were with facebook but this group talked and shared on a forum created by Andrea. So my dear Andrea, even thought you do not personally know me other than by posts, comments and emails, I am recreating your challenge to all. 🙂

BY the way, do not click the pic at the left it goes to a broken link, just wanted it from the original blog post. Thanks!

So here goes in my words from her original idea. Why is it in this crazy go, go world must we all spend, spend, spend. We are always trying  making enough money to pay the bills, to buy one more whatever, to hopefully save for the future, to keep up with the “Joneses”… I have been frugal most of my life with a short time of being a spendthrift thinking money grew on trees. Even now in the last couple of months I am acting as though I can spend those extra $50 on whatever I felt like, buy an overpriced magazine at the checkout or some sushi on the way home to go along with the dinner I had planned or maybe I NEEDED that $3 coffee – once. Anyway you look at it, we could be saving, we should be saving, we should be cutting back because earlier this year I barely had enough money to buy groceries or pay the electric bill and now I should not be taking for granted the extra couple of bucks I make at the Farmer’s Market.

Really no gloom and doom here, just wanted to let ya know how I felt and where I was coming from. I truly to strive to pinch and squeeze every last dime til it screams mercy. My furniture hasn’t been replaced in over 13 years – who cares, I rather go out and get some new plants or books. My car is over 150,000 miles( works just fine!) my hubby’s 200,000+. I don’t need no stinking new car or fancy kitchen equipment. My family was extremely frugal with just my mom and my brother, we had to be. We learned to do with what we had and I was fine. Funny thing is I said, ” I won’t do that to my kid, I will give them the best of everything, buy them whatever they wanted!” Ha!! we are good with buying at Old Navy or whatever is on sale. I like it that way!!! Save the bucks for good things – organic meats, paying off my old store debt or like maybe purchasing  a tractor one day.

Here is what I want YOU to do – tell me in the comments in you want to participate in the 23 DAY FRUGAL LIVING CHALLENGE and join the Facebook Group.

Be grateful

Here is what you can do by being more frugal –

pay off some credit card bills or car loans

save for college

the less you spend, the less you need to earn

So let’s see how many people can join us for the 23 Day Challenge!!!

From Andrea’s blog  – the rules

The Ground Rules:

You are not committing to the implementation of all 23 ideas for living frugally. I should admit that I do most, but not all, of the tips that will be recommended and discussed. My commitment to you is to be honest with you as we move along.

I ask no more from you that I ask of myself.

Simply commit to the process and to openness.

Be willing to change, take baby steps, or jump on the path of frugality for the first time! Where ever you are on the journey, don’t be afraid to join in. We will challenge ourselves to:

  • Redefine “enough”
  • Learn how to use a 30-day list
  • Stop the impulse buys
  • Grow a garden
  • Cook ahead
  • And much more…

Let’s start this challenge – Friday, August 1st! I will post some inspirational ideas over the next couple days.

OH and for everyone that does participate – you will be entered for a cool prize at the end. I will give hints each day as to what it will be. Don’t ya just LOVE surprises!!! Please tell your friends, share this on all of your email lists or facebook pages because I want to see sooooo many people set goals with me. Let’s aim for 100 people!!!! 😀

Thank you and love you all! <3


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Thank you A-M for the challenge. Kevin and I have completed some things on the list but now that we are living only on his pension we need to do more. I would like to implement the 30 day list (don’t know that that is) and cooking ahead.


I will post the 30-day list shortly. I did this challenge way back in 2011 and it was eye opening even though I already did many of the things.


Thank you for featuring my post!!

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