Sometimes I just make up recipes! It may have been inspired from someone else’s recipe or I just see what is around in the kitchen that I can use. Really this may have been inspired from a Trim Healthy Mama drink.

I had a headache from being out in the heat, was thirsty and wanted something refreshing with an anti-inflammatory bonus.  Refreshing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and electrolyte drink. Water, ice, lemons, lime, celtic sea salt, raspberries, coconut oil, tumeric, ginger and stevia. Mmmmm good! So the “Tumeric Berry Lemonade” was born!


I shared it on face book and everyone loved it so here is the recipe! ENJOY 🙂

Tumeric Berry Lemonade

8-10 oz water – needed for rehydration
Pinch sea salt – electrolyte
Healthy pinch powdered ginger(was too lazy to grate fresh) – anti-inflammatory
About 1/8 tsp tumeric (cucurmin – powerful anti-inflammatory)
1/4 of a lemon 
Wedge of lime
1 tsp. Organic coconut oil – electrolyte, energy boost
Stevia to taste
8-10 raspberries – antioxidant
Mix well. Add ice.

The coconut oil will solidify in small pieces but I like it when I get one.

I love coconut oil and here is a bonus from Miss Katie over at Wellness Mama to tell you of all the good uses for coconut oil!  Coconut Oil Benefits

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This looks and sounds yummy! Going to try it! Thanks for sharing!


Oh Maryanne it is one of my new favorite drinks!! 🙂


Reblogged this on Bella Vista Farm and commented:

I forgot about this recipe – MUCH needed this time of year! 🙂
I have blue berries, raspberries and blackberries to make this now.


Add a pich of black pepper to help the turmeric activate.


Excellent Elaine, I forgot about that 🙂


what if you made it with fresh turmeric root?–I’m gonna try it and will let you know ……..


Oh Su I am sure fresh would be great!!!


Try Turmeric in Apple Cider Vinegar …
1 tsp turmeric powder (you can start off w/ less & bump it up to taste)
1/4-1/3 qt apple cider vinegar (you can start off w/ less & bump it up to taste)
top off the quart w/ cold water
As refreshing as lemonade when you have be out in the heat.
NB: Turmeric powder will stain ANYTHING (except maybe glass & enamel & stainless) — Formica hasn’t got a chance! So be careful not to spill it.

Small corrections to suggest: it’s turmeric, not tumeric (a very common mistake)
& curcumin & cucurmin


Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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