Eat The Peppergrass!

Peppergrass? As the name implied – the seed pods or disks or whatever they are called taste spicy and peppery. I never really paid any attention to this plant. It always seemed insignificant, tiny and I kind of didn’t notice it much. Today, on the other hand, it seemed to just jump out at me in the horses side pasture, it was EVERYWHERE. Yep one of those invasives and usually it gets mowed over but now that I know a bit more about it, we can eat it!

Some people call it peppergrass and some call it pepper weed, actually virginia pepper weed. Botanical name is Lepidium viginicum. Fromwhat I have gathered, many of the Lepidium species are peppery and edible.

Here is the picture of my plant that I picked. Below the picture is the link to Greene Dean’s article on peppergrass. Love his stuff!!!


Peppergrass: Potent Pipsqueak



Lepidium Virginicum: Bottlebrush Peppergrass

There are two ways of thinking about peppergrass, either as a real neat wild treat, or an obnoxious, noxious weed. Regardless of your world view — or weed view — peppergrass is a survivor and part of man’s diet for many thousands of years. As far back as 300 BC Pliny was writing about the Lepidium, and more than a thousand years before that the Incas were cultivating it. Read more…




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